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About p64

What is Project64
We are calling this photographic journey Project64: Out of the Box. We are a group of 6 ladies and one official color selector (my hubby) planning on taking a 64 week journey through a box of crayons. We are hoping to take the crayons out of the box for a little inspiration in our photographic work! Each week we will be assigned a color, chosen at random from a box of 64 count crayola crayons. We will then take our color inspiration and search for it in the world around us! You'd be surprised by the colors you miss when your not looking! The goal of the project is to challenge us creatively, making us think outside the box, and to hopefully slow down a little bit and notice the world around us! Of course accomplishing a 64 week goal is fun too!

How Project64 Started
So, how did Project 64 come along? Well,  I started a 365 project in the middle of 2010, but shortly after I passed the 100 day mark it started becoming monotonous and task like. So, when life started getting busy and family matters arose, my 365 project fell by the way side. I thought about starting another 365 when 2011 opened it's door, but felt that it would be hard to keep up and still work on other projects I had in mind! However, I still wanted to do a year long project...

In the middle of 2010 I came across a flickr group started by two lovely ladies, who also started a blog, sixty-four colors ,to share a diptych of their color inspired photos side by side. The idea of using a 64 count box of crayons as inspiration, intrigued me. However, when I found their group they were half way through the box and I didn't want to start at the half way mark. So, I set if off to the side planning to revisit the idea at a later date. Around the same time I had been playing around with the idea of making a blog for a group of fellow photographer friends that once shared a town with me, but are now scattered around the map. I wanted to make a place to share weekly photos of a common  theme, a way to unite each other through our photography and to be able to express ourselves creatively.

As the new year rolled in and I was still in search of a project. So, I sent out  few emails and Project64 was born. Project 64 is a merge of my inspiration from the the sixty-four colors ladies and my common theme blog. Now six ladies strong, we are our on our way down a colorful path!  

The Plan
We want you to join in our journey too! You can start when you find us, go back to the beginning and catch up or start your own!

Week one of our Journey started Jan. 3rd, 2011. Our weeks will be start on Monday and end on Sunday. For the first two weeks we will have one post,this post will showcase each lady's color inspired photo as well as give the color for the next week. We will also include a linky so you too can share your photo containing the current week's color.

After the first two weeks (Starting Monday, Jan. 17th, 2011) we plan to have a daily post, Monday through Saturday, where each lady will share her color inspired photo on her designated day. It is up to the author of the day if they want to share some tips, explain their photo, share some words or just keep it simple with a picture. So be sure to come back each day and check each lady's color inspired photo!

On Sunday we hope you will join our colorful journey! Every Sunday we will open up a linky, giving you a chance you share your color inspired photos. We will also reveal the new color on Mondays!

We are super excited to already see a response to our blog and to see the list of followers grow! We look forward to sharing our work with you and seeing yours as well!
If you want to know more about the lovely ladies on this journey and who are part of this blog then check out their pages!

Hope you have a colorful year,


  1. This is going to be a fun adventure! I am glad so many have joined us already!

  2. I just found your blog today and am hoping to get some great shots

  3. Very cool idea. Looking forward to this colorful journey.

  4. Yay, I am going to go buy a box of crayons so I can carry the weekly color with me! :) Count me in!

  5. This is my first photo "project" and I'm super excited!!