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I've lived in Oklahoma for my entire 27 (almost 28) years of life. I've been scattered all around this great state. Each chapter of my life seems to take place in a different town, from childhood, to those trying high school years, college, marriage, then motherhood. I have always had a place in my heart for photography and 10 years ago (yikes! that means my 10 year H.S. reunion is coming up) I shot with a canon rebel 35mm and developed my own photos.

I took a 5 year hiatus from photography to focus on finishing college, being a newlywed and soon becoming a mom! However the flame for photography still burned and when things started to settle and time for me became more abundant I entered the digital photography world in March of 2010, well the DSLR world, I used a crappy point and shoot during my hiatus.

I also entered the blogosphere and flickr world around the same time. Currently I am in the process to turning my hobby into a business, both portraits and fine prints! Something I've secretly wanted to do since high school!

I am excited about this colorful journey! I'm most excited about discovering the new places that the colors take me and seeing the colorful places across the map from the other talented ladies!

In my bag:
A Nikon d5000 (hoping to upgrade soon!)
two kit lenses: 18-55mm and 55-200mm
My favorite lenses: 35mm and 50mm both primes
Nikon Speedlite: sb-600 with diffuser
Gary Fong Puffer Pop-up Flash Diffuser
Expo Disc
Homemade reflectors (The work just as good as the expensive ones!)
Tons of props!

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I was born and raised in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Being fundamentally Southern I have pretty much been a "home girl", living within 30 miles of where I was born. Working in the oilfield for 25 years, I retired and opened “SparksFly Studio" a venue for all things paper. My passions are calligraphy, bookarts and photography.  Not necessarily in that order. 

I have been interested in photography since my early teens.  Film was king and digital wasn't even a glint in anyone's eye.  I spent time studying black and white images and learning the basics of shooting to darkroom printing.  I resisted going digital, the suspense of waiting to see your image was hard for me to give up!  However, after relenting to the argument with myself, I purchased a digital SLR.  Even though I think of going back to film for fun -- I wouldn't trade the opportunities for creativity this medium offers.   
So, now at 51 years old I find myself living in Istanbul Turkey…A job offer and adventure we couldn't refuse.  My husband and I are about to celebrate our 30th anniversary and traveling to places I only dreamed of --
Owner Of:
SparksFly Studio
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You can find me here:
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My Name is Shana, I am originally from a small town in Oklahoma but I currently live with my husband in Istanbul, Turkey. Photography really became apart of my life in my teen years, I took a few classes and I was hooked. I would not call myself a professional by any means, just someone who loves seeing life though a lens. I was so inspired when I heard about this project, I am looking forward to the challenge and experience.

In My bag:
Camera: Canon Rebel EOS
Lens:18-55mm and 75-300mm


Hello everyone! My name is Natalie Hudson. I am an Okie from a small town who has recently re-located to the gorgeous beaches of the Carolinas.   Photography has been my passion since I was fourteen years old. I've enjoyed taking pictures from the time I got my first point and shoot.

At a party, holiday event, family celebration, or even just a a girls-day-out, I'm the one with a camera around her neck.  I love making people smile.  Being able to capture their special day in a picture that will last a lifetime is what motivates me!  God has created our colorful world and I am excited to begin this journey of capturing His magnificence through photos. 

In my bag:
Canon Rebel XS 
75-300 mm lens ( my favorite)
18-55 mm lens
A Journal and Pen
Canon Speedlite 430EXII Flash

Where to find me:


Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to my little page here on P64.  I am excited you found us and are joining us on this creative journey.
My name is Kendall.  I'm a mom to two wild and crazy boys who I love like crazy.  I love photography and I typically shoot more portraits of people than objects.  This project is already helping me to grow because I have to think outside my comfort zone!
I have been very fortunate in the job department.  I spent almost 10 years in the insurance industry and then took the leap to the art world!  I now manage a little store called SparksFly Studio.  We carry fabulous papers and embellishments ---perfect for any art medium.  We are not a typical scrapbook or art store.  We have a little bit of everything.  I hope you will visit us.  And if you do place an order there, enter code P64 at checkout for 10% off your entire order.  We are adding new products constantly.
I look forward to each of your submissions, and even mine too, because who knows what treasures I will find when I am really looking!


More coming soon!