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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm back! Tan Link Up!

Hey everyone! So sorry for being MIA the past few weeks! I had a rough week of sickness followed by a last minute week long vacation to Florida. I had intended to get the TAN linkup as soon as I got back this last weekend, but it seems that between it just being me here at p64, the demands of life, trying to balance my photography work and my mounding doctor's appointments for baby (nothing serious, I'm just being tested quite often to watch my blood sugar, apparently I'm boarding the line for gestational diabetes), I'm finding it hard to keep up here. However, we are so close to the end of this project that we can't quit now! Soooooooo, I've decided to do something that will allow everyone to finish finding the remaining colors but not be so demanding on me. I'm going make a separate post for the each of the remaining colors that will include my color find and that color's linkup each linky will remain open for 3weeks to give you time to find and link up your finds. After all the colors are in I'll have a two vote offs for the remaining two monthly favorites we are missing. Thank you to all of you for playing along and for all your patients as we have worked through all the kinks.

After this post and link up today I'll go ahead and post the remaining color linkups, there should be 5 more post after this one!

Ok, well before we have the tan link up there was weekly favorite from the violet red link up and it belongs to Cat at No Wooden Spoons! It is just so dreamy and beautiful I could resist it!

Now lets see that Tan color find!!

**A few quick reminders: The linkup is open from Sunday to Saturday, you can link up one time with one may have more than one photo on your blog post, just make sure you designate which one is for project 64...please link back to us by either providing a link or grabbing the code for our button on the button page (found in the tabs above) or in a box at the bottom of the blog. When giving your blog address while linking up make sure you snag the URL that will lead us directly to the blog post, don't just simply put the general address to your blog. Leave some blog love to your fellow bloggers! You are not required to have a fancy camera or be a professional, we are all about having fun, enjoying photography and discovering the world around us with our cameras!  


  1. wow! that is an absolutely stunning capture!! Congratulations Cat!

  2. striking image! I love it! congrats, Cat, well-earned, indeed.

  3. Thank you Brooke for giving us this challenge. Hope all turns out better for you soon =)

  4. So glad you are back, I have loved this challenge. You take care Brooke.

  5. We're all happy you're back to help us finish the project! Life is so busy, and I'm sure we all appreciate everything you've done to make this a fantastic journey. Congrats to Cat...that's a stunning shot!

  6. Thank you so much for choosing my orchid shot for this week! I'm glad you're back, I was beginning to worry. Thank you for putting together such a fun project for us!