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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red {Shana}

I have been looking for a fun hat to wear on the lake, pool and just outside. I didn't want one that looked old lady or looked like I gave up and just picked up a droopy hat! So don't laugh when I saw that I found this hat at a children's store and it is size 11-12. Ok I guess you can laugh.

I love lazy days and hope you are enjoying this hot Saturday to the fullest!!
Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

RED - Everywhere! { Sheryl }

Red is by far my most favorite color.  I love to wear red and I will usually choose it if I have a choice in anything.  Coming to Istanbul has made appreciate color.  Most people dress in black or dark clothing.  (Especially in winter which seems about 8 months long here!)  However, in spring, color is vibrant and everywhere!
Red is an important color for the Turks because it is the color of their flag.  The flag was changed from an emerald green color when Mustafa Kemel Ataturk escorted this country into the Republic it is today.   This morning as sat on my balcony, I was able to count 9 of these flags flying proudly in the breeze.  
The food is beautiful and very flavorful with all kinds of peppers.  This is a plate of peppers prepped for a dish in the cooking class we took a month ago.  (Cooking class)
When my friend Joan was here -- we went to an area of the country called "Cappodocia"  We stayed in a cave hotel in the town Gerome.  This was the key to our room.  The poppies were picked by Joan during a drive in the country.  Poppy fields are everywhere in that area.  It really did make me think of "The Wizard of Oz"  ---  

I am excited to see your "Goldenrod" pics -- thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red {Natalie}

Hey everyone!! Prepare yourself for a touching story. This bracelet was made by a very dear friend. She made them at the begining of Operation Iraq Freedom. After making several she began to pass them out to people asking them to pray for the soldiers and their families. This really touched me because my uncle is in the Army. I just love how much she cares for everyone in the Armed Forces even though she doesn't know them :) Campbell's mmmm mmmm good!!

This pic is from an engagement shoot I did in Oklahoma. I grew up with Caleb and I love how he and Olivia just adore each other!!

Have a great Fourth everyone!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red - Jeana

I videoed a wedding this last weekend and of course I always take my camera in order to snap some stills for the the video transitions. I was on the hunt for red and I found a few!

The red strawberries were as delicious as they looked! This last picture is a reflection of how hot it was! The strawberry punch was all gone!
It was a beautiful wedding but it was very hot, it was an outside wedding!
Can't show you only fruit and flowers so here is the happy couple
Well I am off on a 9 day adventure to Colorado, Wyoming & Montana....I hope to have wonderful pics for next week!

Have a great and safe holiday


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red {Kendall}

The color this week is easy for me!  I have red everywhere.  It's our favorite color.  When there are color choices and red is one of the colors my whole family always picks red.  We have it in our living room, our bedroom, and our whole kitchen is red...complete with a red KitchenAid mixer.

This morning all three of my guys (my husband and two boys) were collecting all the Lego men from the house and putting them together on their new Lego baseplates.  There were several red and I thought they would make fantastic pictures!

Of course since I was taking pictures of his Legos, my silly little helper had to have a picture too!

One more...the new cookbook I got my husband for Father's Day.  We like Guy Fieri so I would have bought this book without the cover, but I am a sucker for good packaging and I do judge books by their covers.  I love this cover.  The lettering is fun and all tattoo-ish.  Even the pages on the inside have awesome design work.

I hope you all find red as easily as I did.  It seems to be everywhere in the world around us!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 26, Color Reveal {Brooke}

When my hubby pulled this crayon out of the box I was a little surprised at how fitting it was for our up coming holiday! So by chance and the product of random selection we have the color RED as our next color find! Even without the up coming holiday, RED is quite an easy color to find, but I found mine tonight as we played on the back porch while my hubby grilled us some yummy dinner on his new early birthday/late anniversary gift!

Oh and one last one....from a get together with some of my fellow photog friends (one of them being Kendall from Project 64)! You can see more over at my blog and facebook. You can even head over to Kendall's facebook and see her take on our just for fun session!

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! I can't wait to see all the firework photos that pop up and of course your RED finds, patriotic or not!


Goldenrod linkup and voting time!

Hey all you P64ers! So sorry this is late, I know how you all are waiting to linkup! We had an impromptu overnight stay this weekend then spent the next day taking out boys to the movies, so in the spur of the moment attitude this weekend, my hubby forgot to bring the laptop...So without further delaying the link up I'll get to business!

We have another weekly favorite from the Olive Green linkup, it comes from Carmen at Moments Captured!

With Carmen's pictures we now have four weekly favorites which means it's time to vote! Oh and this week, round of winners are in for a treat! The winner (voted by the readers) will receive two beautiful camera charm necklaces donated by the talented Bel of Artsybelle!

Images Courtesy of Artsybelle Images

Now that you voted it is time for the linkup! A few quick reminders: The linkup is open from Sunday to Saturday, you can link up one time with one may have more than one photo on your blog post, just make sure you designate which one is for project 64...please link back to us by either providing a link or grabbing the code for our button on the button page (found in the tabs above) or in a box at the bottom of the blog. When giving your blog address while linking up make sure you snag the URL that will lead us directly to the blog post, don't just simply put the general address to your blog. You are not required to have a fancy camera or be a professional, we are all about having fun, enjoying photography and discovering the world around us with our cameras!