*Why are the 6 weeks of linkups? Well start here at the WEEK 59 TAN link up and get some explanation! Then follow the links to other colors to find the corresponding link up!
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I've dedicated this page to questions that you may have. I have tried my best to cover as many I could think of that might arise, but if I haven't address a question you have please feel free to leave it in the comments might already be answered there too, so be sure to check out the comments section.

 About the Link Up

Our format here at project 64 is a we share then you share style. The week starts on Monday with the reveal of the new color. The ladies of project64 will then share their photo containing the current weeks color, we will does through out the week, in hopes of inspiring you as you search for the color of the week in your world. The week ends Sunday, when the linky will open up for the color that we ladies have been musing on during that week. Sunday we will also share our favorite color inspired photo from your submissions the previous week.

The Linky is open from Sunday to Saturday

 The Link Up Rules{I know, there are always rules}

*Project64 is open to anyone, you can use a point and shoot, a DSLR or your camera phone. As long as you are out there enjoying art of photography!
*The photo you submit must be your own {one of those no brainer rules, but just to be clear}
*Please only one link up per person
*Link up only the current week's color please
*If your blog post contains multiple pictures, please designate one as your favorite or "official" entry
*You photo can be on your blog or your Flickr page, just make sure to link up your actual post/photo not your blog's homepage or your entire Flickr photostream.
*We encourage you to share only current pictures, our goal in our photographic journey is to get out there and shoot, at least once a week, and take note of the colorful world around you. We are not going to block you or remove you if you dust one off from the archives, but your only cheating yourself.
*To be considered for the weekly/monthly favorite your post/entry must contain a link-back and the current color of the week
*By submitting your photo to our weekly link up you give us permission to feature or share the photo you submitted on our blog or in connection to our blog, Project64: Out of the Box
*Spread the word, grab one of our buttons. We thank you in advance!
*Share the love, take some time to comment on each other's photos!


Blog buttons are now available! There are buttons to link back to our page, please use these when you link up your color each week, that way you can direct people to the host blog, Project64. I've also created buttons for those of you who are weekly favorites and monthly winner! I tried to make it easier to grab the buttons by adding a copy and past html code, if you have any questions just let me know!

 Photo challenge winner

Our little contest, well, is not really a contest per say. We just wanted to have a venue for sharing some of your work too! So we decided to have a weekly favorite, voted upon by the contributors/authors of this blog. We aren't looking for super technical stuff or the photo that has the best exposure. Just the one that really speaks to us and does a great job at portraying the color of the week! The monthly winner is really just our way of saying thank you for taking this journey with us and spreading the word about our blog! Oh and there will be a surprise for the monthly winner!As far as the prizes for the monthly favorite, the giveaway item for the most part we will be pieces of our own works of art, handcrafted items created by us or the fabulous products found at SparksFly, but if you have a product or item you would like to donate for our giveaways please let us know! In return we will add your button and link back to you, free advertising! Check out the sponsors page and
Contact Brooke: martin4_photography {at} yahoo {dot} com

 A Note

If you want to learn more about Project64: Out of the Box visit the about p64 section found in the pages found under the header of the blog. You can also visit the other pages to learn about the ladies who are the founders of Project64 and to see the past and current colors of the week! We are honored to have you on this colorful journey with us! Thank you for playing along and for your support!

Please read this post if you have questions about colors and how closely they match to the color of the week and if you have questions about having separate categories for different skill can find the post here.

*We encourage you to take this journey no matter the point in time you find us! We have a page dedicated to the past colors, so feel free to visit there and start from the beginning or join us at the time you find us. However you are only eligible to be chosen as a weekly or monthly favorite if you have linked up a photo with the current color of the week. 


  1. Oops, am I only supposed to post one photo? This is my first week and I posted several in one post. But I don't see those details anywhere yet...I am still looking.

  2. You are more than welcome to have multiple pictures in your post that you submit; you can even include it in a post that contains pictures for other link ups. Just designate one as your favorite so we know what picture you want to be in the running for the favorite of the week!

  3. Okay so i went to edit my photo and deleted the original and now you can't access it -- can i upload it again for this week's entry?

  4. The weekly uploads are limited to one entry per person and must contain the current color of the week.

    The post you link up however may contain more than one picture, in which you may share past colors you may have missed, however only the photo containing the current week's color will be considered for a weekly favorite. Also, if your post contains multiple pictures please designate which photo you are "submitting"

  5. When I linked up I linked my homepage and now I want to post something else. Is it possible to change the link? I'm new at this stuff.

  6. once I grab the code for the button where do and how do I post it on my page... Im just not sure how this works... when I paste it into gadgets it doesnt like the code... its asking for a http

  7. I just found you today and I am already looking forward to Monday and find out what the new colour of the week is! I love these challenges and will be looking forward to participate! Neat idea!

  8. Hi! I'm new here and added my name to the participants page but linked it to my FLICKR photostream on accident. The mistake is #55. I linked #56 to my Project 64: Out of the Box set. Sorry I didn't know how to delete the #55 wrong link. I am loving this 64 color challenge! Its so much fun! :)