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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello everyone, I'm Bel of ArtsyBelle Images. I'm excited to guest post here in Project 64: Out of the Box .  How are you all finding the color for this week?  Lucky you if you have already found it. For those who haven't found it yet, just hang on there. 

I know that there are colors that are easy to find while others just shy away from our vision. But don't despair, all you have to do is look around, take a second look, look down, look under, or look up. Yes, look up, that's how I have found my muse for this week's olive green.

 Lately, I notice that photo color palettes have been mushrooming in the web. I've been inspired to create one for quite some time now, but I haven't figured out how to do it. My guest posting here has done me more than good because I am encouraged to play with my photo tool so I can share something to all of you.
Here are the steps to create your own photo color palette:

1. Upload your photo to a Color Palette Generator. I used Pictaculous
2. After you have successfully uploaded the photo, click on Get My Palette.
3. Click Download Adobe Swatch File; then, save it.
4. Open in Photoshop the downloaded file. The colors will be added in the Photoshop swatches.
5. Open too in Photoshop the image you uploaded in step 1.
6. Click the Crop button and clear out the Width and Height values.
7. Be sure that the background color swatch is set to white.
8. Crop the photo and extend the dimension to your preference.
9. Add each swatch color using the Rectangle Tool.
8. Press CTRL + T to freely transform each swatch rectangle.
9. Adjust the dimensions to your preferred size.

There you go; your very own photo color palette. I find the color palette technique interesting and it adds a new twist to a photo.

I hope I inspired you all to find Olive Green in your surroundings. Be sure to link up next week at Project 64: Out of the Box. I'd like to thank Brooke and the other ladies of Project 64 for giving me and the other bloggers a chance to guest post here.

I'll be glad to hear from all of you, you can visit me at ArtsyBelle Images or at Facebook . Keep in touch so I will know that I am not just talking to myself (grin).


Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaping for Olive Green {Guest Vicki of Side by Side}

Hi everyone, my name is Vicki and I am so excited and honored to be a guest this week at Project 64.  You might know me better from my blog name: Side by Side  aptly named as I have twin girls who are 8½ and growing up side by side.  I first started this blog as an online record of their lives.  I then used it for my digital scrap-booking layouts and projects and now I am primarily using it for my photos and a failed daily photo project this year.   

I have used several cameras over the years and I am currently using a Canon Powershot SX10 which is an advanced point and shoot.  I can do some manual on it.  I almost always shoot that way these days and will probably outgrow it soon. 

I have a goal of putting together a book of all the photos I take for this project.  I want my photos to relate to our family while still being true to the color find and have pleasing artistic aesthetic too.  I try not to just randomly take a photo but search to see if it is something my kids have experienced or something they like.  We are all bird and animal lovers around here.  It seems I find most of my photos outside.  But as it gets warmer I have to get up pretty early to catch the light and avoid the heat.

Here is my find for this week:

I found this fun statue along the main street of our downtown.  I thought the little frogs playing leap frog were the perfect color of Olive Green.

I really enjoy participating each week and am committed to making it until week 64.  I am always amazed and delighted to see what each of you finds for the selected colors. 

Am I the only one who has a box of 64 and is putting the crayons back into the box in the order we photographed them?  I hope not.  lol


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflecting on Olive Green {Guest Karen of Random Reflections}

I am so honored to be a guest blogger here at Project 64.  I blog at Random Reflections. It has been primarily a paper crafting blog until my fascination with photography began once I purchased a DSLR. I’ve been married to my best friend for just about 38 years, and have two adult children—one half way across the country and the other all the way across! It means some great travel, but a pretty quiet house!

I have a habit of starting a photography project and giving up on it about half way through the year. (There have been at least three attempts at Project 365.) But Project 64 has been so much fun. I see things I wouldn’t have looked at twice if I weren’t carrying around my little crayon samples. I’m sure the folks at the grocery store and the mall wonder what I am doing. My husband gets into the search every week as well, so it’s turned out to be a bit like a scavenger hunt. A special thanks to Brooke and everyone else here for a wonderful project! I know it takes a lot of work to maintain a challenge like this.

Last month when I was about to go on a three week trip, I commented on my blog that I wasn’t sure quite how to find the right color when it was announced here. Someone kindly suggested I make a sample of all the colors, so I did, and this week I carried two with me on our walks through the park.

 When Brooke emailed the color of the week to me I thought it would be really easy. I love olive green, but none of the things I own match my olive green sample. My husband and I have been walking through the park each morning, but most spring greens are not this olive green either. But I did see this lovely bud (not sure what kind of bush it is).

 I’m also in the midst of editing our photos from our trip and found two great examples from Arizona. We saw this fabulous parrot at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

And, what else? A cactus, of course.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Journey to Olive Green {Guest Becky of My Daily Journey}

What a privilege to be a guest in this wonderful place! Thank you to all the ladies at P64 for inviting me to share with you today.

Why photography? Well, as probably all of us involved in this project experienced, when I was little my parents would only take pictures of “special events”, like birthdays, holidays, and some vacations and nothing else. Thanks to the digital cameras, we can now shoot hundreds of pictures and not worry about how much it will cost to “develop” them. Photography, then, has become in the past few years my major hobby. I shoot not only “special events”, but also all those little moments that make each of our days a special event.

Project 64 Colors has been a fun challenge that has helped me expand my photography abilities. As a watercolor painter myself, the challenge to look for a particular color each week to shoot has helped me to find different subjects, different angles, and different shapes that otherwise I would have not think to capture.

Olive green was not an easy color for me to hunt, so after trying with many different objects, including a pair of shoes, I decided I would use the perfect match: Olives.

I took the shots around 5:00 PM, when the light was perfect outside, and I shot around 30 pictures and played with many different compositions, moving my settings as well.

I really liked the result: clean, vibrant, and creative. For me, capturing food is a big challenge, so this was a fun and challenging session.

You are more than welcome to follow My Daily Journey–through my lens, which is my photography journal, or Daily on My way to Heaven my main blog.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Moment of Olive Green {Guest Maryvel of A Moment In Time Photography}

Hello everyone at Project 64! My name is Maryvel Friesen and I am the Woman behind “A Moment In Time Photography” I am VERY honored and very humbled to be one of Project 64 guest for this week! THANK YOU for the invitation, hope not to disappoint!

A bit about me . . . I am on my 40’s. I have been married to the love of my life for over 20 years now and together we have been blessed with two wonderful children who are in their teen years right now and keeping us on our toes! We make our home in the Saskatchewan Prairies in Canada. We are farmers, parents, church ministers, friends and family to many.

Yes, of course, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I specially love nature, outdoor photography! Perhaps because I am constantly marveled by God’s amazing and beautiful creations which brings immense joy to my life. Even though I also take pictures for others ( maternity, new born, families, grads, etc. ) I mostly prefer to keep photography as a hobby, rather than as a business. It just makes me happier!


I was so glad to run into Project 64 a few months ago. Even though I have not participated every week, I still enjoy hunting for the week color. Some weeks are definitely easier than others, right? This week was one of those I thought would be an easy one, but when it come down to it I discover it really wasn’t! So many shades of green out there is insane! What I like to do is first of all get the featured crayon out of the box, grab a piece of white paper and paint on it, from light to dark, to give me a better idea of all the possible shades within the color. I then go to Photoshop and using Brooke’s handy link to the “Hex Codes” create a little color badge which give me even a better idea of the color. With that in mind I get my brain to work trying to match the color, constantly thinking about it when I walk around the house or when I go outside or for a drive! Most of the time I tried and use what I already have, but since this week was extra special, I actually went out and bought flowers that I thought would match this color, no easy task, believe me! Yesterday as we were at the Provincial Park were hubby works I found this old log covered with moss and thought the color was just perfect for the challenge so I included it in the collage.

Last, I wanted to add that editing my photographs is my other favorite hobby! Personally I think editing can make such a difference in the way we present our pictures and transform a simple shot into a work of art before our very eyes! I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 and ever since I discover Pixel Perfect (a plugin for PS CS5) and textures, I simply can NOT stop using them!

I would also like to join Cat in thanking of all the people that make this blog possible! Your work, time and dedication, is VERY much appreciated! THANK YOU!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 24 Color Reveal {Guest Cat of No Wooden Spoons}

Hello color lovers! My name is Cat and I'm a project 64-er just like you!

I'm a passionate photographer, compulsive midnight crafter, world traveler, cupcake enthusiast, free spirited painter, and of course mommy to mischievous little (princess) Ariana. I write about these things and more over at No Wooden Spoons.

Today, I'm super happy to be guest posting here on Project 64. Today is color reveal day, and if you're like me, you've probably been stalking the page to see what the new color of the week is. No, just me then?! :)

Without further ado, I present to you my photo for this weeks color...

This week the hunt is on for Olive Green
You'll probably be like me and find this a hard color, a little difficult to pinpoint. You would think with my husband in the military, all those uniforms would have some olive green in there somewhere.

Not the case.

I found these unripened baby apples that had fallen off the apple tree in our yard on top of the mossy tin roof shed.

My secret behind my Project 64 hunt.

I love the challenge of hunting for a creative photo and unique color each week. I have a little method I follow. How do I do it? Well, first I usually get out my crayons and do a little scribble on whatever paper is closest to me. Then, mentally I think off the top of my head to see if I know anything that will match that color. Sometimes, like with Apricot, I know right away what will match. Most of the time though, I end up looking for that color almost all week. When that happens, I keep that color in the back of my mind at all times. Everywhere I go I'm always asking my husband "Do you think this looks "x" color?" It's amazing when you take a look around how some colors we don't even notice until we are looking for them.

I usually don't try to match the colors too hard, but focus on what would make an interesting subject or composition and take lots of pictures as I go along through the week. Yes, it's a color challenge, but to me it's also a chance to take a prompt (the color) and try to capture a creative, colorful photo with it.

Once it comes time to create my post, I usually have 3 or more photos that I think will work for the color. Sometimes the color is just isn't quite right, even if the subject is intriguing. Once I've gotten all the images on the computer, I compare them to my crayon scribble. I try my hardest to match the colors as correctly as I can but even if I'm a shade off, it's still such a rewarding photography challenge each week!

I want to take a second and put the spotlight on these lovely ladies that created this blog and put so much time and effort into it each week: Brooke, Kendall, Sheryl, Shana, Natalie, and Jeana. A big thank you as well to all you loyal P64 contributors who have been there since the beginning, and also the newcomers who've graced us with wonderful photos each week! We are creating a beautiful collage of colorful photos! Keep on snappin'!

I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!
Also, really quick I want to remind anyone who hasn't entered the giveaway on my blog, today is the last day. Tomorrow, I'll pick a winner. Let me tell you, that Eclectic Whatnot camera strap cover is a awesome AWESOME goodie! I use my every single day and it's so comfortable and cute! See it and all the goodies and enter the giveaway here!

Good luck everyone with your color hunt :)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Timberwolf Link up, Week 23

Our weekly favorite from SALMON linkup comes from Cindy at WyTography! Congrats! As with all weekly favorites you are officially entered in the monthly giveaway where the winner is people's choice, good luck!  Don't forget to grab your button!

Project64, Weekly Favorite Button
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I am excited this week, for two reasons...I just happen to love the color gray and TIMBERWOLF just happens to be a shade of the gray family AND tomorrow kicks off a week of guest post. All the guest are fellow p64ers like you and I can't wait to read their post and see their creative color finds! Make sure you tune in this week and support your fellow color hunters! Now to see the places timberwolf found you!

As always only one entry per person, no fancy camera required and flickr linkups are welcome! You can join anytime and we thank you in advance for linking back to Project64 and spreading the word! Grab button here. Most of all be creative and have fun!