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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Moment of Olive Green {Guest Maryvel of A Moment In Time Photography}

Hello everyone at Project 64! My name is Maryvel Friesen and I am the Woman behind “A Moment In Time Photography” I am VERY honored and very humbled to be one of Project 64 guest for this week! THANK YOU for the invitation, hope not to disappoint!

A bit about me . . . I am on my 40’s. I have been married to the love of my life for over 20 years now and together we have been blessed with two wonderful children who are in their teen years right now and keeping us on our toes! We make our home in the Saskatchewan Prairies in Canada. We are farmers, parents, church ministers, friends and family to many.

Yes, of course, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I specially love nature, outdoor photography! Perhaps because I am constantly marveled by God’s amazing and beautiful creations which brings immense joy to my life. Even though I also take pictures for others ( maternity, new born, families, grads, etc. ) I mostly prefer to keep photography as a hobby, rather than as a business. It just makes me happier!


I was so glad to run into Project 64 a few months ago. Even though I have not participated every week, I still enjoy hunting for the week color. Some weeks are definitely easier than others, right? This week was one of those I thought would be an easy one, but when it come down to it I discover it really wasn’t! So many shades of green out there is insane! What I like to do is first of all get the featured crayon out of the box, grab a piece of white paper and paint on it, from light to dark, to give me a better idea of all the possible shades within the color. I then go to Photoshop and using Brooke’s handy link to the “Hex Codes” create a little color badge which give me even a better idea of the color. With that in mind I get my brain to work trying to match the color, constantly thinking about it when I walk around the house or when I go outside or for a drive! Most of the time I tried and use what I already have, but since this week was extra special, I actually went out and bought flowers that I thought would match this color, no easy task, believe me! Yesterday as we were at the Provincial Park were hubby works I found this old log covered with moss and thought the color was just perfect for the challenge so I included it in the collage.

Last, I wanted to add that editing my photographs is my other favorite hobby! Personally I think editing can make such a difference in the way we present our pictures and transform a simple shot into a work of art before our very eyes! I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 and ever since I discover Pixel Perfect (a plugin for PS CS5) and textures, I simply can NOT stop using them!

I would also like to join Cat in thanking of all the people that make this blog possible! Your work, time and dedication, is VERY much appreciated! THANK YOU!


  1. Maryvel, what a fun collage! It is so pretty!

    I love editing too, it is so much fun, and yes, it definitely makes a huge difference.


    Becky@ My Daily Journey

  2. You have written a wonderful post and your color match ups are all great. I love how you see photography :)I'm just begining to learn editing and some of the things still seem like another language to me but i'm up for the challenge although I get frustated at times. The best thing is to see a simple snapshot become a piece of art.

  3. I was blessed to read your post. Taking photos makes me "HAPPY" too! I carry my camera everywhere I go and just the time I think I can go out without it - I miss something great! Yesterday I was sitting at a favorite outdoor restaurant and a stretch mini cooper went by with a hot tub in the back! Who knew? I too, love the Lord and photographing His creation -- thank you so much!

  4. What a beautiful collage and post!

  5. We enjoyed you as a guest this week, Thank You so much for doing it! Your photos are wonderful and I LOVE the way you edit your pics, especially when you make them look like paintings!

  6. Fun to find you here...and I love editing too. Great piece!