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Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaping for Olive Green {Guest Vicki of Side by Side}

Hi everyone, my name is Vicki and I am so excited and honored to be a guest this week at Project 64.  You might know me better from my blog name: Side by Side  aptly named as I have twin girls who are 8½ and growing up side by side.  I first started this blog as an online record of their lives.  I then used it for my digital scrap-booking layouts and projects and now I am primarily using it for my photos and a failed daily photo project this year.   

I have used several cameras over the years and I am currently using a Canon Powershot SX10 which is an advanced point and shoot.  I can do some manual on it.  I almost always shoot that way these days and will probably outgrow it soon. 

I have a goal of putting together a book of all the photos I take for this project.  I want my photos to relate to our family while still being true to the color find and have pleasing artistic aesthetic too.  I try not to just randomly take a photo but search to see if it is something my kids have experienced or something they like.  We are all bird and animal lovers around here.  It seems I find most of my photos outside.  But as it gets warmer I have to get up pretty early to catch the light and avoid the heat.

Here is my find for this week:

I found this fun statue along the main street of our downtown.  I thought the little frogs playing leap frog were the perfect color of Olive Green.

I really enjoy participating each week and am committed to making it until week 64.  I am always amazed and delighted to see what each of you finds for the selected colors. 

Am I the only one who has a box of 64 and is putting the crayons back into the box in the order we photographed them?  I hope not.  lol



  1. I had to laugh about putting the crayons back in order. I was doing something similar until I colored all my little squares. Now I rarely get the crayon out. I love that you connect this with family experiences. I have to admit I think that makes this much more challenging! This is a great find.

  2. I love the frogs! This project is something I am committed too also -- actually it was what really helped get my creativity back on track (or at least out of the dumps) at the first of the year. Giving up my day was not something I was excited about but having seen your post and how you and the others were blessed to be guests -- has blessed me! Thank you for your story -- Great job!
    (No, sorry to say that I haven't been putting my colors back in the box but I do hope to make some kind of book when this is completed. You made me laugh out loud!)

  3. love the frogs too! I am putting the crayons back too. I colored cards to match possibilities, but I still like to compare the crayon also. Is that too much OCD? too bad, I don't care! I found that this and other projects on-line have made me look at photography in a more creative and interesting slant.

  4. Your frogs are cute and a great color match.

    My entire box is intact in that there are 64 crayons in it at any time, but I am putting them in order as we go along.

  5. I was trying to put the crayons back in order, but I have two little crayon thieves and a months worth of crayons seem to disappear before they make it back to the box, so I have almost two empty sleeves now. I always enjoy seeing your photos and love that you use a point a shoot! Thank you so much for being a guest, we loved having you over here at Project64!