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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Raw Sienna {Shana}

I love books, paperback, hard cover, e-book, leather bound, old, and new! I love to smell old books, I get strange looks, even from those I love. I know there are people out there as weird and strange as me, at least that's what I keep telling myself.
I just ordered this lovely book a few days ago. I sat last night and scanned the whole book, I can't wait to delve into it!! If you haven't ever read Scott Kelby, you should. He is hilarous! I never thought I could laugh while going through a photography book!

I am so ready for this heat wave to be over... I think I will stay in and work through my new book!! ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Raw Sienna - Jeana

Well I am about two days late this week....I have had Internet problems at the house but hopefully they are now fixed!
This is a picture I took while at Yellowstone a few weeks ago. I am not real sure what it is exactly, it was at one of the geyser stops we made along the south loop of it.
I think it has this weeks color.
Have a safe and "cool" weekend.


Raw Sienna ( Sheryl )

Raw Sienna

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by the folded cranes I would see in craft books and magazines.  I never seemed to find anyone who could show me how to fold one.  However, I do remember as an adult folding my first one.  Something I have learned about folding cranes is that you have to want to learn or you can't learn!  On the internet you can find many sites to show you how to fold these paper birds.  Once I learned, I never stopped!  I love folding them and I am thinking of making a mobile of them for under my balcony umbrella.  
I couldn't find anything that I thought was very inspirational for this shoot.  It is so hot here and actually I have been choosing to leave my camera at home.  So, I thought I could color a 6.5cm square and fold it into a crane.  (After coloring and cutting out my square, I ironed it between two pieces of paper to smooth out the stroke marks.)
As you can see, I made a really little guy!  My favorite to fold -- the smaller the better!  I did find it interesting that the color didn't match the label and sure does look lighter than than the wax itself.  
I know some of you really appreciate seeing the "set-up" for these styled shots -- so here it is.  I had to use the UHU sticky gum stuff to hold the crane up right.  They do tend to want to lay on their sides.  
So, as my usual custom of creating a "chip" of the color -- here it is.  No wonder I had trouble finding this color -- it's a bit like "peach" (which is a dirty word in Turkish and I can agree! ) not my favorite color!  

Thanks for stopping by -- leave a comment if you can -- it helps the muse and encourages creativity!  Seni Seviyourum!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raw Sienna (Natalie)

Good Morning! As I was looking around for Raw Sienna, I found this elephant. My friend brought several children one back from one of her mission trips to Africa. I can't remember how old I was when she brought it back but I don't think I was even in Middle School yet. I love it!

This is a photo i got out of one of my files. Our dog Lulu LOVES to go on walks and one morning my mom and I took her to the beach. She loved it! Because we live in more of a retirement area, there were several older people walking that day and she got very spoiled by people loving and cooing on her! I thought her fur looked like Raw Sienna :)

Have a great weekend!


Raw Sienna {Kendall}

Hello Friends! I decided to do something different since I have had zero time to photograph anything.  I decided to do a little scavenger hunting for Raw Sienna.

This was my first find upon visiting Etsy.  I wish I could have a whole wall of these drawers.  I just love the way they look!

Love this too.  It would look awesome on the wall in a mix of picture frames:

I love this painting and I think it has the perfect color of Raw Sienna and a little Burnt Sienna too!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some other people's stuff!  And if you haven't ever been to Etsy, where the heck have you been hiding?  It's awesome for shopping and for some great inspiration!  

I have had a lot of things come up over the last week that has prevented me from doing much of anything...but the main, most time consuming thing, has been our adoption of two puppies.  TWO!  Yes, two.  We are crazy and they are currently sitting here at my feet biting my toes.  They are sweet and ornery.  I will do a photo shoot with them soon, while they are cute and post them in the next week or two.

Enjoy your week (and your sleep without having to wake up and take puppies out every few hours).


Monday, July 25, 2011

Color Reveal Week 30 {Brooke}

Hey everyone!

This week color is RAW SIENNA, I decided to go with two pictures, one I felt matched what the crayon actually looked like (the wax part) and the second I thought portrayed the color it made on paper....Sorry to keep it short and sweet, the hubby is taking summer classes and needs to hog the laptop! Happy color hunting!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wisteria Link Up and It's Voting Time!!

The weekly favorite form the Mac-n-Cheese link up comes from the blog {be}Slightly Askew...a beautiful take on mac-n-cheese, kinda gives me the travel bug too!

Now that we have a weekly favorite for weeks 25-28 it is time for another round of voting! Yay!

Now that you've voted I bet you would like to share you lovely WISTERIA finds! I know we would LOVE to see them!

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