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Friday, July 29, 2011

Raw Sienna ( Sheryl )

Raw Sienna

When I was a little girl I was fascinated by the folded cranes I would see in craft books and magazines.  I never seemed to find anyone who could show me how to fold one.  However, I do remember as an adult folding my first one.  Something I have learned about folding cranes is that you have to want to learn or you can't learn!  On the internet you can find many sites to show you how to fold these paper birds.  Once I learned, I never stopped!  I love folding them and I am thinking of making a mobile of them for under my balcony umbrella.  
I couldn't find anything that I thought was very inspirational for this shoot.  It is so hot here and actually I have been choosing to leave my camera at home.  So, I thought I could color a 6.5cm square and fold it into a crane.  (After coloring and cutting out my square, I ironed it between two pieces of paper to smooth out the stroke marks.)
As you can see, I made a really little guy!  My favorite to fold -- the smaller the better!  I did find it interesting that the color didn't match the label and sure does look lighter than than the wax itself.  
I know some of you really appreciate seeing the "set-up" for these styled shots -- so here it is.  I had to use the UHU sticky gum stuff to hold the crane up right.  They do tend to want to lay on their sides.  
So, as my usual custom of creating a "chip" of the color -- here it is.  No wonder I had trouble finding this color -- it's a bit like "peach" (which is a dirty word in Turkish and I can agree! ) not my favorite color!  

Thanks for stopping by -- leave a comment if you can -- it helps the muse and encourages creativity!  Seni Seviyourum!


  1. As a kid I loved watching you fold these cranes. I think it would be cute as a baby mobile!