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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raw Sienna {Kendall}

Hello Friends! I decided to do something different since I have had zero time to photograph anything.  I decided to do a little scavenger hunting for Raw Sienna.

This was my first find upon visiting Etsy.  I wish I could have a whole wall of these drawers.  I just love the way they look!

Love this too.  It would look awesome on the wall in a mix of picture frames:

I love this painting and I think it has the perfect color of Raw Sienna and a little Burnt Sienna too!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some other people's stuff!  And if you haven't ever been to Etsy, where the heck have you been hiding?  It's awesome for shopping and for some great inspiration!  

I have had a lot of things come up over the last week that has prevented me from doing much of anything...but the main, most time consuming thing, has been our adoption of two puppies.  TWO!  Yes, two.  We are crazy and they are currently sitting here at my feet biting my toes.  They are sweet and ornery.  I will do a photo shoot with them soon, while they are cute and post them in the next week or two.

Enjoy your week (and your sleep without having to wake up and take puppies out every few hours).



  1. I love your choices. Next month when my check comes, I'll have to do some shopping with those shoppes!

  2. Very nice! I liked that you mixed it up this week. I'm glad you posted this even if you didn't have time for photos.

  3. Great idea!! I LOVE etsy!