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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magenta {Shana}

I have a gorgeous tulip tree in the front yard of my apartment building. These flowers are everywhere in Turkey and I am told that they originated from this region. I am so glad I was able to be here when these flowers were in bloom because my husband and I have made the decision to move home and start a new chapter of our lives back in the States. Living in a foreign county has been an amazing and life changing experience, one that I will always remember.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Magenta and the Last Cookie {Sheryl}

My post for today is of a new layer "plate" I bought for the occasion of this project.  I have actually collected quite a few really neat and unusual items i trying to find and capture the colors for this project.  I also bought cookies for the photograph.  Last night I wanted to get my photo with all the cookies.  Looking really cute, I couldn't get the light that I wanted -- so they became desert.  We did have some chocolate ones but as it turned out they were the favorite.  One thing about living in a foreign country, there is a plethora of new things to try. 

I used natural light, this morning, on cream paper.  It really seemed a little dull so I added the texture (set to overlay) and erased it off of the plate and cookie. 

Thanks for stopping by -- keep on shootin'

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Magenta...where are you???? Jeana

Once again, I realize how "uncolored" my world is!!! This is harder than I thought!! Magenta sounded so easy but......anyway I found is a card I got from my grandson!!

Keep up the good looking at your pictures....I only have TWO weeks of school left then I hope to spend alot more time looking at each one and commenting.

Magenta { Natalie }

I'm sure you all have seen the flavored water packets at the store, right? Well this is one of them. It's a variety of different fruits and also Magenta :) I'm trying to drink more water, although I hate it because there's no taste. so I am adding flavor and drinking a bottle or two a day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magenta, a Droid, and an iPad

So Brooke challenged us with using our phones this week. Well, I have an Android that I love immensely but I can only post one photo at a time, so I am using my iPad to write this post and edit and upload my photos. These photos were taken with my Samsung Mesmerize.

This photo is of me...and my magenta hair

Edited with Photoshop Express on my Droid. I made a few Adjustments to color and saturation and then added a nice little border.

This next photo is of police lights. Random, I know, but we had some excitement a few days ago. At 2:45am, someone ran into our neighbor's car and pushed it 57 feet into the back of my husband's car. The best part is that after totaling our neighbor's car and causing a couple thousand dollars worth of damage to our car, they drove off...but left their front bumper behind. We live in a very small town, so chances are, they will be sitting in the back of this police car soon!

I used PhotoPad on the iPad to edit this photo and add the border.

Hope you all enjoy finding your magenta. Have a great week! And don't forget to post your Burnt Sienna.

P.S. I think I could have loaded this on my phone...because I am adding this now via Blogger-droid.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 15, Color reveal

Ok so this weeks color reveal is a little different...I have had crazy problems with my computer! First a nasty virus and now hardware issues. So this entire post has been created on my iPhone, right down to my picture at the end! Thank goodness I decided to give in and buy one!

So, this week's color is magenta, and I don't know if I am the only one, but my crayon only has the name magenta with no other language translations. I guess its a universal name or color???

Well, my magenta pics stem from what is currently going on in my life today. I've been doing a little crafting and found this tiny spool hiding in my box of supplies. Then we have the packaging of my "its time for a change" diet food program. Oh boy is it time for a change! I really need to get serious and once and for all shed this baby weight from four years ago (can you even call it baby weight after four years...?).
I tried to take my somewhat boring objects, well at least boring for a fun color like magenta, and get creative. Well, as creative as I could with my phone! So I have a good added challenge for you this week if you dare to take it!

Use your phone's camera to capture this week's color! Or if you don't have a great camera phone try using your point and shoot! Just try to be creative relying on your own creative skills and imagination no matter the equipment you are using! Think outside of your box and focus on those creative skills! Get low or get high, try different extreme angles! Explore negative space or the rule of thirds, don't just take a photo. If you happen to
have an iPhone or android, use it's camera to it's max creative power, through creative apps! Some of my faves are: Instagram, hipstamatic, PS express, camera+, Lo-mob, diptic and one I found today that helped me add text to my collage, photo note-free.

I used a combination of most of the above apps to create the image below.

Burnt Sienna Linkup, Week 14

I really do love this project and I love that all of you are enjoying it too! I love coming by here and looking at all your entries each week and seeing where the colors lead everyone. I try my hardest to make it every one's weekly submissions and I usually do visit every one's pictures, but I don't always have the time to comment. I want to let you know I appreciate you all and think you are doing amazing! So thank you to all of you for playing along and taking this colorful journey with us!

Since some of our Turkey ladies are having blogger issues due to the ban they have not been able to see your lovely entries, which they are truly sad about. So, they haven't been able to vote each week one their favorite entry. Additionally, the other p64 contributors have been busy busy, so I was the sole vote this week. However, it just didn't feel right to pick one all on my own (plus I couldn't decide between three of your entries), so I had our official color selector (my hubby) make the final decision (out of my three faves)! Here is our lovely spring green favorite!

An absolutly gorgeous entry from Becky at My Daily Journey! Congrats and keep 'em coming!

If you missed the winner from weeks 9-12, you can see who won here. Also, the winner needs to email me asap so you claim your prize!! Just a little reminder and shout out to our talented sponsor, Cat at No Wooden Spoons and her Etsy shop will be the sponosor for weeks 13-16! Make sure you go check out her blog and store!

Alright! Now onto some burnt sienna! Can't wait to see every one's interpretation and if you decided to take the diptych challenge!!

As always no fancy camera required and flickr are linkups welcome. Please link back to Project64, either with our button or a link!