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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little red violet and a guest too!

Hi there! Project 64 contributor Shana is a little busy making her transition back to the states, she thought it would be nice to share her day with one of our participants! I thought it was a great idea so I invited not only one of our participants but one of our newest sponsors too! I give you Cindy of WyTography and WyBeadery

Everyone collects something, right?  For me, it's always been colored glass bottles.  I love exquisite shapes, interesting textures, off-the-wall colors, and occasionally the odd antique.  At my previous house, I had amassed a huge collection of over 300 bottles, all of which were crammed into every square inch of the space above my kitchen cabinets and window sills.  When we moved to Skiatook a few years ago, I downsized significantly; I now only have enough for two window sills.  You can bet that each one of the bottles I brought with me in the move are beloved for their character, shape, or color.  My submission for red-violet is no exception.  I absolutely adore the hobnail texture of this nearly two-foot tall bottle, not to mention the genie-in-a-bottle shape.  Hooray for garage sales...I think I paid $3 for it!  It now acts as a prism in my bathroom window above the tub next to a couple dozen other beauties.

 I want to thank Brooke and all of the other ladies for inviting me to be a guest on P64 this week!  My photography skills have improved immensely since I've been linking up every week, and photography has quickly become my new obsession.  My first creative love has always been jewelry-making.  I'll be sponsoring weeks 17-20 with one of my handmade creations!  Click on the button below to see my whole portfolio!


Thanks Cindy for being a guest on P64! Ok all your project 64 participants make sure you visit Cindy's sites and give her some love, leave some here too! If you are wanting to leave a question for Shana as part of your Q&A going on this week, leave it in the comments section as well!

Happy Color Hunting!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Violet Red and the Orient Express! { Sheryl }

Sirkeci Train Station, Istanbul Turkiye.  
Front view of the Sirkeci Train Station
Right clock tower 

Detail view of the small icon between the windows
Right porch 
Left entrance 

I am only guessing but I think this is the name plate for the restaurant 

Right porch and entrance to the restaurant 

Today this is schedule 

 Last Tuesday I spent the day in the old part of the city called SultanAhmet.  I got on a tour bus there and found this treasure on the way.  I couldn't believe my eyes when the color matched my sample of Violet Red.  (My dear friend Melissa has inspired me to keep a sample with me!)  After the tour, I met a friend for lunch in the sun.  Then she walked back down to the station with me.  I enjoyed getting to see this building close up.  Inside we checked on a train schedule, which you can see has our color on it also!  As we walked to the tram, to make our way home, we discussed our options for getting on board a train here and going on an adventure.  I was very serious and hope she was!

This station was actually built to receive the "Orient Express".  The Train of Kings, the King of Trains" was the motto.  This was a train that ran from Paris to Istanbul starting in 1889; a journey that took three days.  The station officially opened in 1890, even though the "Orient Express" had already been coming here for over a year.  This train ran until 1977 when service was stopped.  Now,  the "Orient Express" runs one time a year.  I am hoping to make the trip myself one day.  A few year ago,  I did read the book "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie.  I highly recommend this classic!

I am so excited that blogger is open again in Turkey.  I want to thank Brooke for helping do my posting during this very frustrating interruption in my fun!  I understand we are opening up for questions.  I would love to answer any questions you might have about me, Istanbul or anything; anytime!  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link your fabulous photos!  (which I will be able to see now!)  Love, Love!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Violet {Natalie}

Hey everyone! Hope you have had a great week! While I was searching for my color I can across these shoes. I wore them to my High School Graduation this past May. When I purchased them I didn't realize they are also dancing shoes. My parents used to take Ballroom Dancing classes and my dad has been showing me a few things. Now I have the perfect shoes :)

Saturday I took pictures at a wedding with my friend Kelly. The bride wore this robe and the lettering was the PERFECT color! I was so excited! The wedding was outdoors and although it was hot, it was a gorgeous ceremony.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Violet (Jeana)

Well, has been another "exciting" week in the life of Jeana!  For those of you who do not know, I am in my last semester of achieving a Masters Degree in Communications. This is the last week actually and it has been the most exhausting ever, both physically and mentally. The hoops that you have to jump through to make sure every T is crossed an I is dotted is pretty overwhelming.  Just today I had to go before my committee and "defend" my project, which was one that one of my members totally hated. I did a Communications Plan for a new private Christian School and she is totally against what seems to be anything Christian, so I not only had to fight for my project but it seemed also for my beliefs.  In the end I passed but not with out some pretty rude cutting remarks that I will have to work through getting over! At this point I am having a hard time being excited for "licking my wounds"!!  This too shall pass and I do give all the Glory of my accomplishments to God.

So, that being said....I am not real sure if my color is a great match but Sunday my 21 year old decided she had never colored Easter eggs (not so sure that is true!) so she and my daughter-in-law colored eggs!! I took pics of them and then thought maybe this was a match for the week.  Go ahead, let me know what ya nice, though not sure I can take much more rejection today!!!!!!!
No, honestly I must say you all have ALWAYS been encouraging to me and I am so thankful that even though I may never meet you all in person, I feel I have new friends in this world!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Violet {Kendall}

Hellllooooo!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day today.  I am.  It is good to see the sun after a few days of gloom.  It is amazing how much weather can affect your overall mood.

Ok, let's be real, most of the color that we have had so far have been weird.  We associate their names with a totally different color than what they are.  It is sometimes WAY off!  This week is a little weird too.

Here is my first shot:
My Christmas present to myself.  I love her.  I am sure it's not right or ethical or whatever to love inanimate objects, but who cares.  I love her.  I have a lot of purses and my favorites are Coach purses.  My husband always threatens to have a purse party at our house....a purse party where he sells my purses!  Really?!?  Who thinks that is a good idea?  Not me.  I do have to admit though, while I do love Coach purses, I have never paid over $100 for one because I love a good bargain!

Here is another photo and it actually matches almost perfectly:

I did this lovely girl's senior pictures on Saturday.  We had a great time.  Sometimes I wonder if the color of an object I choose is really close to the color so I will check this handy little site that has the color codes on it.  It helps me to figure out if I am on the right track!  Sometimes I am...and sometimes I am WAY off.

Ok, enough of my babbling, I have a little curly-haired boy and a husband that are waiting on me for lunch.  I look forward to your questions!  I will answer them all, even embarrassing ones, so ask away!

Have a great week!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pacific Blue Link up and Wk 17 Color Reveal

Hey all you color hunters! Sorry for not posting the link up yesterday, I thought Project 64 needed a day off in honor of the Easter Holiday. Just a little side note, I try to let everyone know if a post will be delayed or late on our Facebook page, so make sure you like our page!

So that means today we will have a day full of color...Our favorite from the magenta link up, the new link up for pacific blue and the reveal of our new color!

Are you all ready to get started! Magenta was kind of fun, it was  nice to see such a bright cheery color, especially since it's been raining for about a week in my nic of the woods, although very grateful for the rain, it was much needed, just a little dreary and makes me very sleepy! Our favorite out of your magenta submissions come from Scott over at My Photo Adventures, we thought it was a unique interpretation of magenta and a nice find as well! Make sure you visit and give some love! Congrats Scott and thanks for playing along here at Project 64!

We really do enjoy seeing everyone's take on the week's color! Keep spreading the word and keep linking up! The more the merrier on this colorful journey! Today also means we are taking another color out of our box and can you believe we are now a quarter of the way though our box of 64 crayons! This week we are officially pulling crayons out of the second sleeve of colors! This week my wonderful hubby selected the beautiful color of RED VIOLET, not to be confused with violet red! As we journey through the box it is crazy how many different shades there are and at times seems a little tedious when matching the colors, but remember to just have fun and get as close as you can!

Since we've been rained in I found my red violet in my boys' toy box. One of them received it as a birthday gift, its a simple toy, no bells or whistles, but they both like it. A little reminder that kids today still like the simple also reminds me of being a kid and the long waits at the doctors office, funny how different objects hold different memories!

I went with how the color looks on paper verses the color of the crayon, when I held them next to each other they were pretty close! As you know, each week I try to add a little extra challenge...well this week I thought I'd something a little different! I thought it might be fun to have a little Q&A! Give you guys a chance to get to know me, as well as the other project 64 contributors, a little better! After my post today feel free to leave a question for me, it can be about the blog or blogging, photography, motherhood, being a woman, my favorite color, anything you might want to week I'll try to answer most or all of them in my blog post! Make sure you come back every day this week and leave some questions for the other project 64 ladies at the end of their post! We love you guys and love interacting with you all so please ask away! Also I know we have lots of followers who just follow and do not submit entries, you are more than welcome to join in on the Q&A! I can't wait!

I hope your hunt for red violet goes well, but in the meanwhile, let's see your pacific blue finds!!

As always no fancy camera required and flickr link ups welcome! Please link back to Project 64!