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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Violet {Kendall}

Hellllooooo!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day today.  I am.  It is good to see the sun after a few days of gloom.  It is amazing how much weather can affect your overall mood.

Ok, let's be real, most of the color that we have had so far have been weird.  We associate their names with a totally different color than what they are.  It is sometimes WAY off!  This week is a little weird too.

Here is my first shot:
My Christmas present to myself.  I love her.  I am sure it's not right or ethical or whatever to love inanimate objects, but who cares.  I love her.  I have a lot of purses and my favorites are Coach purses.  My husband always threatens to have a purse party at our house....a purse party where he sells my purses!  Really?!?  Who thinks that is a good idea?  Not me.  I do have to admit though, while I do love Coach purses, I have never paid over $100 for one because I love a good bargain!

Here is another photo and it actually matches almost perfectly:

I did this lovely girl's senior pictures on Saturday.  We had a great time.  Sometimes I wonder if the color of an object I choose is really close to the color so I will check this handy little site that has the color codes on it.  It helps me to figure out if I am on the right track!  Sometimes I am...and sometimes I am WAY off.

Ok, enough of my babbling, I have a little curly-haired boy and a husband that are waiting on me for lunch.  I look forward to your questions!  I will answer them all, even embarrassing ones, so ask away!

Have a great week!


  1. Do you have your own studio in your home?

  2. How often do you wash your hair?

  3. Ha ha, Cindy! I hope I get more questions...this will be a fun post next week!

  4. What was one of your favorite dates with your husband?

  5. When did you first pick up a camera and start snapping?
    Do you remember what type of camera it was?

  6. How often do you wash your hair? Hahaha? Really at various stages of intensity you could have used your hair for several of our colors! I love you and your Coach purses. I actually think I can say that you are responsible for my Coach addition -- carrying all those adorable purses! I can vouch for the that fact that she can find very great deals -- on just about anything!