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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little red violet and a guest too!

Hi there! Project 64 contributor Shana is a little busy making her transition back to the states, she thought it would be nice to share her day with one of our participants! I thought it was a great idea so I invited not only one of our participants but one of our newest sponsors too! I give you Cindy of WyTography and WyBeadery

Everyone collects something, right?  For me, it's always been colored glass bottles.  I love exquisite shapes, interesting textures, off-the-wall colors, and occasionally the odd antique.  At my previous house, I had amassed a huge collection of over 300 bottles, all of which were crammed into every square inch of the space above my kitchen cabinets and window sills.  When we moved to Skiatook a few years ago, I downsized significantly; I now only have enough for two window sills.  You can bet that each one of the bottles I brought with me in the move are beloved for their character, shape, or color.  My submission for red-violet is no exception.  I absolutely adore the hobnail texture of this nearly two-foot tall bottle, not to mention the genie-in-a-bottle shape.  Hooray for garage sales...I think I paid $3 for it!  It now acts as a prism in my bathroom window above the tub next to a couple dozen other beauties.

 I want to thank Brooke and all of the other ladies for inviting me to be a guest on P64 this week!  My photography skills have improved immensely since I've been linking up every week, and photography has quickly become my new obsession.  My first creative love has always been jewelry-making.  I'll be sponsoring weeks 17-20 with one of my handmade creations!  Click on the button below to see my whole portfolio!


Thanks Cindy for being a guest on P64! Ok all your project 64 participants make sure you visit Cindy's sites and give her some love, leave some here too! If you are wanting to leave a question for Shana as part of your Q&A going on this week, leave it in the comments section as well!

Happy Color Hunting!


  1. Your bottle for red violet is exquisite!
    I also have a cobalt blue milk of magnesia, mine is in my kitchen window. :)
    Do you use vintage buttons and other such items in the making of your jewelry?

  2. Love this POV....great angle. That bottle is amazing. Not seen anything like that before.

  3. I have always loved glass bottles as well! The way the light goes through them is awesome!!! :) Wonderful shot!!!

  4. Scrappy, yes, I have a giant box FULL of vintage buttons that I use to create the button jewelry. And that little magnesia bottle is one of my most cherished pieces.

    Thank you all for your love!

  5. What an amazing glass vase!! The color is gorgeous as well as the texture!! I also love the green one in the background. The texture on that one is cool too! Great angle on the shot!

  6. That's MY button necklace!!! I love it so much. Cindy rocks!

  7. This is just stunning!!