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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Violet {Natalie}

Hey everyone! Hope you have had a great week! While I was searching for my color I can across these shoes. I wore them to my High School Graduation this past May. When I purchased them I didn't realize they are also dancing shoes. My parents used to take Ballroom Dancing classes and my dad has been showing me a few things. Now I have the perfect shoes :)

Saturday I took pictures at a wedding with my friend Kelly. The bride wore this robe and the lettering was the PERFECT color! I was so excited! The wedding was outdoors and although it was hot, it was a gorgeous ceremony.


  1. Gorgeous shoes! Good eye noticing the writing's color.

  2. I love those shoes! Look for a man that will dance with you! They are hard to find sometimes! Hahaha!

  3. Those shoes are so cute! Every woman needs a pair of shoes that go along with her red heels!