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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Burnt Sienna {Shana}

Oh the power of bread! Bread I think is my weakness and my nemesis. I just can't seem to get enough. I mean you can't eat soup without bread...right? And what do you sip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar! How can something so delicious cause such havoc on my waist line? I know these are questions that everyone ask, but really, why do carbs have to be so rough?!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Burnt Sienna {Sheryl}

Well I returned home (Istanbul) a couple of days ago.  The jet lag is still in effect, however, I returned with a new MAC computer and the learning curve is going to be a little more than I had expected!  The two together are blowing my mind! ! !

This photo is of a stone bowl I purchased in Cappadocia an area in the mid area of Turkey.  Inside the bowl are coins we have acquired in our travels here and in Europe

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We have a winner!

Just finished checking the poll results for the winner of weeks 9 through 12! I think you all picked a beautiful photo for this months winner! Congratulations to Sibylle over at Funkytime and her Tickle Me Pink streets of L.A.!

 You and your beautiful photo have won this months giveaway, sponsored by Faith over at Simplicity and her Simply Photography eCourses! Feel free to grab a monthly winner button over at the buttons page! To claim your prize email Brooke at martin4_photography{at}yahoo{dot}com as soon as possible!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Burnt Sienna { Natalie }

Yesterday I had a shoot with this wonderful gal. This is Sam and she's a really good friend of my sister. This May she will be graduating and this was one of her senior pictures. I didn't even realize this was so close to the color until I was going through all of them. I had a great time and she worked the camera like a pro! Happy coloring!

Burnt Sienna Jeana

I had several ideas for this one, but I took this of our new church. I love the cross on it and how it shines as symbol of our God into our town.  The roof looked like the burnt sienna color to me.

Keep your posts always we LOVE seeing  your pics.  It gives me a "look" at someone else's world!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burnt Sienna {Kendall}

Hello friends!  I don't know about you, but this color wasn't so easy to find.  I went back into my files and found these pictures...

This is my friend Cassie and these are some of her fall senior pictures that I took.  I think the overall feel of them is a Burnt Sienna color.

Hope you are all able to find your color in a hurry.  I feel better when I find it early!

Loving your Spring Green entries and I look forward to seeing who your pick is for the monthly winner!


Week 14 Color Reveal {Brooke}

So, how is everyone doing? Do you still look foward to hunting the new color each week? Have you looked back at the begining and seen your work get better? I will say that I have noticed many of your photos improving week by week!

Well, this week we have a funny little color! Not sure if I quite got it or not, but since time doesn't stay still and it keeps on moving forward I am forced to just go with it! Also, I haven't given an added weekly challenge in a few weeks an thought I'd throw one out there! Why not try putting this weeks color find in a diptych or triptych?! A diptych is simply a pair of photos that go together, rather it be the same object taken at different angles or two photos that just complement each other. If you just want to read a little on the history of diptychs head on over to wiki. Also, flickr has some great groups dedicated to diptych, you can check one of them out here. There are some great ones that I like personally (which has nothing to do with this weeks color by the way, hehe), here, here, here and here.

Now for my diptych, containing this week's color...well at least as close as I could get to this week's color!

I just love this suitcase! Found it at a little antique shop here where I live for $5, of course I couldn't pass it up! I have to be honest, I haven't been out shooting for fun much, so it was nice to get out and be creative. Even if it's not super close to this weeks color I had fun! Although I think the darker parts of the suitcase are close to this week's color burnt sienna!

Happy color hunting!

*Update: A few links to some free diptych templates, here, here, here and here (that last link includes a facebook fix and resize action along with a branding action in addition too the diptych template)!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Green Link Up and Monthly Vote!

Whew! Tickle me pink brings us to twelve colors down and 52 more to I guess that means this time next year we will be just about done with this little project! It's seems like forever away but I just know that once it gets here it will seem like no time had passed at all. I had thought about doing something special for the conclusion of our project when it gets here...maybe make some sort of book or calendar showcasing some of the p64 entries?  We have plenty of time to think of something, just thought I'd throw  it out there!

I really did love all the tickle me pink entries this week, and I'm not even a tickle me pink kind of girl...there was one that stood out to us...the entry from funky time:

Congrats! Feel free to grab our weekly winner button! Since we officially have our weekly winner for week 12, that means it is time to open the voting for YOUR monthly favorite, starting with week 9. This months giveaway is being sponsored by Faith over at Simplicity and her Simply Photography eCourses!

Now that you have voted for YOUR monthly favorite, from the selected  weekly favorites, it is time to submint your spring green finds from this past week! This month's weeks of colors (week 13-16} are going to be sponosored  once again by the lovely Cat from No Wooden Spoons and her etsy shop! Kicking off our next set of colors, Spring Green! Link away!

As always no fancy camera required and flickr link ups are welcome! Feel free to join in anytime, just make sure you link back to us or use our button!