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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gray {Shana}

This is Hobbs, my brother and sister-in-laws border collie! In the process of traveling home we experienced the Oklahoma blizzard. My computer also died so this photo was done in a Photoshop app on my iPad. But thankfully my husband purchased me a new purple computer!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Window to Nesbetiye {Shery}

Well, when you live across the sea -- it takes a while for your Christmas presents to arrive.  I wanted some new camera gear, especially a "Do-it-All" lens.  After researching my desire, I settled on a 18-200 zoom with image stabilizer.   Tuesday was the day, Louie brought my stuff from the states.  A banner day for me!  This window is at a restaurant near where we live.  It's called "Big Chefs" and they serve some American dishes that really are pretty good.  The last night Shana was here we shared a Chicken Fajita that really was pretty good.  The flowers are real.  It is amazing living in a sub-tropical climate, the grass is green and geraniums and roses seem to do well all year around.

Be sure and link up your "Robins Egg Blue"  and don't forget to check back for the post tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gray { Natalie }

I thought I would share with you a different perspective of the beach. Most of the time it's sunny with beautiful blue skies and full of people enjoying their day. But today it was very cold, wet, cloudy, and well. gray. I am amazed at how much gray I discovered at Sunset Beach, NC. Have a great week!

Gray!!! Jeana

Well the wedding plans and the snow storm messed my days up and I forgot that yesterday was day to post! Sorry guys....
Since this is wedding week and Darrin is wearing a gray suit I decided it would be OK to post a pic of his suit so here it is..

Then I found his ring box and it was gray so I added it!

Not REAL exciting pics, but this is where I am at in my life right now!

I did get some good pics of shadows in the snow that I think I will post later....but I am for 1. sick of looking at the snow in real life and 2. even sicker of seeing everyones snow pics! Sorry but when you've seen one snow drift you've seen them all!!!!

Pray this wedding goes off good and that the roads continue to clear, I don't want my daughter-in-law to be stressed and disappointed in it.

Keep posting your pics for us to see, I for one love looking at everyone's creative touch to the colors!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shades of Gray {Kendall}

Whew!  It has been wild around here.  I am in Oklahoma and we have had 20 plus inches of snow!  That is a record for us.  Needless to say we are stuck at home.  All four of us.  Being home isn't that bad but knowing that we can't get out is terrible!  I intended to do completely different photos for gray but was working on my son's Valentine cards and decided to use them as my gray this week.

Here's my youngest son...he was feeling left out!

I hope you are all staying warm!  And thank you all for joining us.  I am overwhelmed by all of you and your talent!

Don't forget you can still link up to your Robin's Egg Blue here.  Be sure to visit all the other participants and share some love.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5, Color Reveal {Brooke}

As you probably figured, us ladies have the official color selector, my hubby, pick a few colors at a time...after all we need to be prepared so we don't keep you waiting or get behind. I'll be honest with you…our official color selector picked some challenging colors for the next few weeks! So, I hope you are up for a challenge!

Week 5 is already here, can you believe it? This Sunday is going to be a big day, the link up will open for the current weeks color, we'll pick a favorite for robin's egg blue and we'll post the poll for you to pick the winner from our four favorites of the week! Speaking of polls, how is everyone doing? Are the buttons working ok for everyone? Any questions? Have you added your name to the participant list? Have you visited our sponsors? Got to know the ladies by reading the founders/contributors page? Are you ready for the color reveal?

Alright, alright here it is...

I hope you all have an easier time with this color than I did! I've been avoiding this color for a few weeks now, not for this project, but for other photo challenges I participate in...I almost forgot gray was the color for week 5, I forgot to write it down in my calendar, so I spent most of the morning yesterday digging for items around the house. I thought gray would be super hard and after digging a little I found two subjects that I thought would work well and started to wonder why I was avoiding the beautiful color...but when I started looking though your robin's egg pictures two of you already used my object for week four's color and went in search for a third object to photography. I took pictures of all three anyway and since they turned out pretty nice I thought I'd post the first two objects plus the one I'm using for my "official" gray photo.

So here are my gray photos...

Well, there you are my shades of gray. What will you discover this week on our hunt for gray? I can't wait to see! Come back tomorrow for some more gray inspiration and don't forget you can still link up your robin's egg blue until Saturday!

Happy coloring,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Robin's Egg Blue, week 4

So, Chestnut was a hard one huh? Well at least for me it was...hard or not, you guys did great at finding your the color of the week and I really enjoyed seeing all the different points of view and the places you found chestnut hiding! Our favorite chestnut find has to go to ArtsyBelle and her deliciously gorgeous wafers!

Doesn't this just make you hungry and look to beautiful to eat all at the same time?!

So, how did your hunt for Robin's Egg Blue go? Did we help to inspire you while you were hunting? Where did your inspiration lead you? The antique store? Nature? Close to home? We want to see 'em! So go ahead, show us! Link up your robin's egg blue photos below!

Don't forget to come back Monday when I kick off week five with reveal of our new color, which by the way I have to hunt for it TODAY! I know, I'm slacking! Don't forget to check out all the pages, located under our blog banner, I added lots of new stuff, like buttons for the weekly winners and a participant list!Just in case you are new here and want to know what the project is all about visit here. If you want to see all the past colors including our current color go here.

Ok, now you can link up your Robin's Egg Blue photos us!
As always no fancy camera required and Flickr link-ups welcome!When you link up please use the DIRECT LINK/POST containing your photo and be sure to link back to us!