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Friday, February 4, 2011

Window to Nesbetiye {Shery}

Well, when you live across the sea -- it takes a while for your Christmas presents to arrive.  I wanted some new camera gear, especially a "Do-it-All" lens.  After researching my desire, I settled on a 18-200 zoom with image stabilizer.   Tuesday was the day, Louie brought my stuff from the states.  A banner day for me!  This window is at a restaurant near where we live.  It's called "Big Chefs" and they serve some American dishes that really are pretty good.  The last night Shana was here we shared a Chicken Fajita that really was pretty good.  The flowers are real.  It is amazing living in a sub-tropical climate, the grass is green and geraniums and roses seem to do well all year around.

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Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. I love this!!! So fun that you got a new "toy" and I am sure it was worth the wait!