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Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5, Color Reveal {Brooke}

As you probably figured, us ladies have the official color selector, my hubby, pick a few colors at a time...after all we need to be prepared so we don't keep you waiting or get behind. I'll be honest with you…our official color selector picked some challenging colors for the next few weeks! So, I hope you are up for a challenge!

Week 5 is already here, can you believe it? This Sunday is going to be a big day, the link up will open for the current weeks color, we'll pick a favorite for robin's egg blue and we'll post the poll for you to pick the winner from our four favorites of the week! Speaking of polls, how is everyone doing? Are the buttons working ok for everyone? Any questions? Have you added your name to the participant list? Have you visited our sponsors? Got to know the ladies by reading the founders/contributors page? Are you ready for the color reveal?

Alright, alright here it is...

I hope you all have an easier time with this color than I did! I've been avoiding this color for a few weeks now, not for this project, but for other photo challenges I participate in...I almost forgot gray was the color for week 5, I forgot to write it down in my calendar, so I spent most of the morning yesterday digging for items around the house. I thought gray would be super hard and after digging a little I found two subjects that I thought would work well and started to wonder why I was avoiding the beautiful color...but when I started looking though your robin's egg pictures two of you already used my object for week four's color and went in search for a third object to photography. I took pictures of all three anyway and since they turned out pretty nice I thought I'd post the first two objects plus the one I'm using for my "official" gray photo.

So here are my gray photos...

Well, there you are my shades of gray. What will you discover this week on our hunt for gray? I can't wait to see! Come back tomorrow for some more gray inspiration and don't forget you can still link up your robin's egg blue until Saturday!

Happy coloring,


  1. ooh this may be a challenge....can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I love the cars!

  2. This won't be a challenge for me! We've got tons of snow and gray skies and a HUGE winter storm coming through (again) tomorrow and Wednesday! I love your pictures! The yarn is so pretty!

  3. I love that shot of the toy cars. Consider me odd...I love grey. This doesn't sound too hard-which will probably come right 'round and bite me in the behind 'cause I said it.

  4. Gray.... now I am thinking! :)

    Your shots are perfect!

  5. Your photography is AWESOME. LOVE the color this week!! Can't wait to go find something gray to photograph :)

  6. I love your selections for gray. The yarn diptych with the pop of red knitting needles is wonderful. Nicely done.

  7. Jen, it's the same where I live. Gray, gray skies. Here's hoping for great gray pics.

  8. These are awesome! Love, love, love the yarn shot. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.