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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Salmon {Shana}

When Josh and I moved to Turkey we sold our house and most of our furniture. The furniture and other belongings that we kept are scattered between our parents homes. Josh's parents have the stuff that can go in an attic, mine have the heat/cold sensitive things. Anywho, I went to my parents to look for my tripod.... well I didn't find it and ended up going through memory lane. The one thing that I found I have treasured and will treasure for the rest of my life. This is a crazy quilt that my Aunt hand stitched and gave to us as a wedding present. I cannot tell you the hours I  have spent just staring at it. It has hankies from grandmothers, crocheted snowflakes my mom made, an old tie of my dad's, I even think some of my baby clothes and beautiful details. I can't wait to find a home to showcase this beautiful masterpiece in.

What is something you have received that you treasure?

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Happy shooting!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Salmon in Cappodocia { Sheryl }

Well, I was traveling again this week in the Turkish countryside.  An area more in the center of 
the country famous for the cave dwellings of the early Christians who fled here during the time
 of Roman persecution. These people are referenced in 1 Peter 1:1.  To see this place and where
 they lived sure has made Peters words of encouragement to these early followers come to life.
This actually is a view from the courtyard of our hotel.  The peaked objects are called
 "Fairy Towers" and they consist of volcanic ash.  The ash became compacted and as 
rain, wind and other elements (the flood, maybe . . .) eroded away the ash and left these 
towers.  The material was very easy to carve and so made great places to make caves for 
living.  Some of them very elaborate.
This is called "The Valley of Love" -- apparently the rock material on the top 
is harder than the bottom.
The area of the country is a geologists dream!  The strata is exposed and reveals the layers 
that can only be found in Cappodocia.  Apparently this is the only place in the world this 
phenomenon has manifested. 
. . . and yes, I was in a balloon . . .

-- Thanks for stopping by -- see you next week -- 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salmon { Natalie }

Well my visit to Oklahoma has been wonderful! So wonderful I completely forgot about this week's post! Well anyway here's my version of Salmon. I have to say Austin picked a good color. To hate lol. But I do love these candles so that helped a lot! I hope you all have a great week! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my trip :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, I think this is the first week I just totally failed in the color match! I have been close some weeks and even sometimes "iffey" but I just think salmon kicked my butt this week!! When I think of salmon I like Kendall think of a more peachy color but the crayon is way more pink than I ever imagined.  But in my adventures this is the closest I ever got to the color that I "see" as salmon!
It is a rock in my rock garden that has been handed down from my grandmother!  Funny thing to hand down I know, but as they traveled around they collected rocks! An I fell in love with them so I got them when they passed away! Here is a couple more of them!

Happy salmon hunting!!!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salmon {Kendall}

Hello!  Salmon is not a favorite color, I have always thought it was a little too close to peach!  And now that I am typing this, I should have taken a picture of the sushi I had last night with salmon in it!

This picture is just a snapshot and no work of art...but it has my two favorite boys plus another favorite boy waiting at the hospital for my new favorite girl to be born!  This was their way of passing the time.  Thank goodness for electronics.

My very best friend had her first baby on Friday morning at 2:32am.  Her pregnancy and labor went very well, but when Layla Evyn was born, she was not breathing.  It has been a long few days, but tonight around 8pm, they were able to remove the ventilator, and after much prayer, she is breathing on her own!  Hopefully mama will get to hold her tomorrow.  I know how difficult it is for me not to touch her, I can't imagine how she feels!

Keep posting your asparagus!  I love seeing all of your entries!

Week 22 Color Reveal {Brooke}

Well, I had lots in mind for this week's color...some watermelon and that can of salmon in down the grocery isle, you know the one with the "salmon" color label and gold rim, but as our plans would have it we were traveling and visiting with family I didn't quite have time to get my ideas in a photo...but I did find a few things that would work for this week's color...

First, a sign of sickness in the poor hubby has developed a bad cough and with the help of his family he has finally decided to take our advice and go to the doctor tomorrow.

Last I thought one of my favorite flea market finds worked quite well for this week's color. I love these books, each classic Jane Austen title is covered with a different bright colorful cover, the one that matches this week's color is "Emma"

Well I hope you all have fun hunting this week's color, Salmon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Voting time!!! Oh and We Have a Link Up Too!!!

Hey Ya'll

Ok, So I always want to put that and since today I'm really feeling my Okie roots and sporting my Okie twang I went with it, hehe! Well, guess what?! We have a weekly favorite for Week 20's asparagus, which means we are done with another four week period and we are ready for another vote off! Yay!

First on the list, announce our weekly favorite!

A beautiful photo full of our weekly color asparagus comes from Sweet Memoirs Photography

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Ok now vote away! Make sure to have all your friends and family vote too!

Now that you have visited our talented sponsor and voted for your monthly favorite it's time to link up those yellow orange photos you've been hunting! It also happens to be the start of another round of 4 weeks! Weeks 21-24 will be sponsored by me and my RedBubble shop! Make sure you enter each week because each weekly winner will be put in the bowl for our next vote off and eligible for the monthly prize! Thank you so much to all the participants, we love you guys and your work is amazing! Oh and a little p.s. the color reveal tomorrow will be a little late since my hubby is off and we will still be traveling. Have a great week and link away!

As always no fancy cameras required and flickr linkups are welcome! Please link back to Project64 and spread the word about our little color project, we'd appreciate it!