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Friday, June 3, 2011

Salmon in Cappodocia { Sheryl }

Well, I was traveling again this week in the Turkish countryside.  An area more in the center of 
the country famous for the cave dwellings of the early Christians who fled here during the time
 of Roman persecution. These people are referenced in 1 Peter 1:1.  To see this place and where
 they lived sure has made Peters words of encouragement to these early followers come to life.
This actually is a view from the courtyard of our hotel.  The peaked objects are called
 "Fairy Towers" and they consist of volcanic ash.  The ash became compacted and as 
rain, wind and other elements (the flood, maybe . . .) eroded away the ash and left these 
towers.  The material was very easy to carve and so made great places to make caves for 
living.  Some of them very elaborate.
This is called "The Valley of Love" -- apparently the rock material on the top 
is harder than the bottom.
The area of the country is a geologists dream!  The strata is exposed and reveals the layers 
that can only be found in Cappodocia.  Apparently this is the only place in the world this 
phenomenon has manifested. 
. . . and yes, I was in a balloon . . .

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  1. Oh my goodness what a wonderful place to be and your pictures are fabulous.

  2. That must have been great in the balloon. wow! LG Tina

  3. That's a big WOW! How fantastic to be in such a place!

  4. these photos are gorgeous. that looks like an amazing place.

  5. Amazing place...I so long to go to such locations...

  6. Yes, this is a fantastic country to see a wide variety of things! Turkey is only a little bigger than Texas in land area. I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks and I hope to have more photos up on my personal blog next week. Thank yo for your commits -- I enjoy them so much! Sheryl

  7. How exciting to see this amazing area from a bird's eye view! Your photos are fabulous.