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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Salmon {Kendall}

Hello!  Salmon is not a favorite color, I have always thought it was a little too close to peach!  And now that I am typing this, I should have taken a picture of the sushi I had last night with salmon in it!

This picture is just a snapshot and no work of art...but it has my two favorite boys plus another favorite boy waiting at the hospital for my new favorite girl to be born!  This was their way of passing the time.  Thank goodness for electronics.

My very best friend had her first baby on Friday morning at 2:32am.  Her pregnancy and labor went very well, but when Layla Evyn was born, she was not breathing.  It has been a long few days, but tonight around 8pm, they were able to remove the ventilator, and after much prayer, she is breathing on her own!  Hopefully mama will get to hold her tomorrow.  I know how difficult it is for me not to touch her, I can't imagine how she feels!

Keep posting your asparagus!  I love seeing all of your entries!


  1. How relieved the new mama must feel!

  2. The boys look so "old" in this picture! You can always count on a hospital to have salmon (peach) everywhere! I am so happy about Layla! You are going to be such a great auntie! Love you!

  3. Nothing is scarier than dangerous situations with our kids. Peanut was born with a hole in her heart and I was on pins and needles until is closed at a year!

  4. Praise the Lord that Layla is breathing on her own! I hope Andrea got to hold her today. My heart and prayers have been with her!

    I remember that wall-paper in my St. John's birthing room. I liked it! LOL!