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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turquoise {Shana}

We inherited this flag when we bought the house and I love it!
The color of the sky and the flag are amazingly close!!
Have a great weekend, we are headed to a hayride and cookout!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Turquoise ( Sheryl )


Here in Istanbul the color turquoise is not hard to find.  It is a favored color in ancient times as well as now.  A couple of weeks ago, I was on a photo trek with the IWI Photo club to the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.  I had been there before but never to take pictures.  

One thing I would have remembered, had it been there perviously, was a mummified body in a glass case.  It no longer wore the rags it would have been wrapped in -- all I can say is "It was very appropriate for this time of year."  There was no turquoise on it but I did try to take a picture.

Anyway, one of the buildings that is included in the museum is actually an old building. Cinili Kosk, built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror  in 1472 and was used to display his arms, costumes, edicts, paintings, books etc.  It is touted for the outstanding Seljukian, Anatolian and Ottoman style tile work.  "The harmony of the Turquoise, white, purple and dark blue tiles in mosaic technique were considered highly prized decoration."

 This is a large Niche that was in the room that would be called a "salon" here.  I am sure it was used to showcase a something very important.  I do believe that this was the only Niche of this type in the building.
 This is a close-up of the tile work on the above Niche.
This is some of the tile work around the windows in the outer rooms.  I thought it was very pretty.  The tiles that look black are actually dark blue.  
This piece of framed tile work was the only example of it's type in the building.  I couldn't read what it said about it but I did think it was very interesting.  It truly is beyond me how anyone can read that writing.  
I wish I could have shown you the mummy but such is life!  Have a great week and I hope you will stop by again -- Love, Love Sheryl

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turquoise { Natalie }

Good morning!
Saturday I helped my friend Kelly shoot a wedding in Myrtle Beach. As we walked on the beach to snap a few pictures of the happy couple I saw something jump out of the water. I studied the ocean for several minutes then saw six shark-like figures. There were people swimming in the ocean so my first instinct was to tell everyone to get out. I then took another look and noticed they were dolphins!! I was so excited! I took several pictures, but this was the only one that really turned out good enough to tell what they were. This was a mom and her little calf. I was so thankful God brought those dolphins near us so we could enjoy one of his amazing creations! Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turquoise - Jeana

Well I knew where to go this daughters Jewelry hanger that she made out of bamboo utensil  holders!!! And sure enough this is what I found!

I also find it funny that the crayon turquoise looks nothing like a real piece of turquoise jewelry which she also had. It is a ring given to her by her late grandfather.

I have been very busy these last few weeks and this is a pic from a product photo shoot I did for a T-shirt company I am doing marketing for....

I thought it matched the crayon pretty well.
One last thing...I was so busy last week I didn't get to post my gold. I have looked at this old mirror that was my grandmothers, who passed away about 16 years ago and have wanted to photograph it and also use it on here.  I only used the corner of it on here because I don't know how to photograph a mirror without getting in the pic.....Can anyone suggest how I could get a good photo of the mirror without a reflection in the mirror??????
(Maybe impossible, but if there is a way I am sure someone on here will know!)

I absolutely love the ornate detail in the frame!
Happy Hunting!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Color Reveal Week 43

How is everyone this week? Is it starting to look like fall where you are? It is here! I LOVE fall and I've been so busy with portraits that its just been passing me by so last weekend I decided to put a halt on things and take some time out for my family, which is why I missed my color reveal last Monday, luckily Kendall was so kind to take it over for me! Even though I missed sharing my gold finds last week I thought I'd share them real quick this week before I revealed this week's new color!

I just happened to find gold hiding in my two favorite antiques, a stack of Jane Austen books published in the 50's and a fold out antique camera that my husband's grandparents gave to me for my birthday!

Thank you for letting me share my gold finds a week late! Now I bet you want to know what our new color is!? It just happens to be the vibrant shade of blue that goes by the name of turquoise!

I found my turquoise while watching my little nephew this morning, not only was he wearing an outfit I picked out for him but his binky just happened to be my color!

Although my little nephew sported my color I had originally intended to share a photo of my blue rotary phone I picked up at the flea market, the boys love playing with it and I just love the little pop of blue it gives my living room!

Monthly Winner and Gold Link Up, Week 42

The votes are in and the winner of our latest monthly vote off (weeks 37-40) goes to Annie Pliego, with her beautiful week 37, Sepia entry! Congrats Annie I agree with the votes your photo was absolutely beautiful! Contact Brooke at martin4_photography{at}yahoo{dot}com with your email you would like your electronic gift card sent to!

We also have a weekly favorite from the burnt orange link up, the weekly winner will be entered into our next set of four weekly favorites to be voted on after we are finished with week 44. The next round of voting will include weeks 41-44. This lovely burnt orange flower belongs to Cindy at WyTography!

I am kind of excited to see your GOLD finds! I took a day off due to a short impromptu family vacation, I hope to share my gold find along with this week's color reveal Monday night!

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