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Monday, October 24, 2011

Color Reveal Week 43

How is everyone this week? Is it starting to look like fall where you are? It is here! I LOVE fall and I've been so busy with portraits that its just been passing me by so last weekend I decided to put a halt on things and take some time out for my family, which is why I missed my color reveal last Monday, luckily Kendall was so kind to take it over for me! Even though I missed sharing my gold finds last week I thought I'd share them real quick this week before I revealed this week's new color!

I just happened to find gold hiding in my two favorite antiques, a stack of Jane Austen books published in the 50's and a fold out antique camera that my husband's grandparents gave to me for my birthday!

Thank you for letting me share my gold finds a week late! Now I bet you want to know what our new color is!? It just happens to be the vibrant shade of blue that goes by the name of turquoise!

I found my turquoise while watching my little nephew this morning, not only was he wearing an outfit I picked out for him but his binky just happened to be my color!

Although my little nephew sported my color I had originally intended to share a photo of my blue rotary phone I picked up at the flea market, the boys love playing with it and I just love the little pop of blue it gives my living room!


  1. I love all the finds! The gold ones are awesome and I am totally jealous of the rotary phone!

  2. Oh the phone!!! I have been keeping my eye out for one too. I have fond memories of my Grams' rotary phone and wish we still had it! The little man is precious, I am sure you enjoyed having him at your house.

  3. love the rotary phone, but the little guy is a gem!

  4. I had a princess phone that exact color! I wish I still had it!

  5. Love the gold shot and its vintage feel. The turquoise shots are lovely. Adorable baby and cool phone. Thank you for sharing!