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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turquoise - Jeana

Well I knew where to go this daughters Jewelry hanger that she made out of bamboo utensil  holders!!! And sure enough this is what I found!

I also find it funny that the crayon turquoise looks nothing like a real piece of turquoise jewelry which she also had. It is a ring given to her by her late grandfather.

I have been very busy these last few weeks and this is a pic from a product photo shoot I did for a T-shirt company I am doing marketing for....

I thought it matched the crayon pretty well.
One last thing...I was so busy last week I didn't get to post my gold. I have looked at this old mirror that was my grandmothers, who passed away about 16 years ago and have wanted to photograph it and also use it on here.  I only used the corner of it on here because I don't know how to photograph a mirror without getting in the pic.....Can anyone suggest how I could get a good photo of the mirror without a reflection in the mirror??????
(Maybe impossible, but if there is a way I am sure someone on here will know!)

I absolutely love the ornate detail in the frame!
Happy Hunting!



  1. I so enjoy seeing all of the items passed down to each of the ladies on the Project 64. They are precious memories to each of you. The ring is so pretty! I think the best way not to get "YOU" in the mirror is to have someone else take the picture. :P hehehe.

  2. I wonder why Crayola chose a different hue from actual turquoise gems and called it turquoise. But the crayon does say turquoise blue, not just turquoise.

  3. I love the jewelry holder. I have wanted to make myself one since I saw her post about it -- You would think in this part of the world bamboo trays would be easy to find! The ring is beautiful! The mirror, well, in movies they soap the mirror so you won't see a reflection, oh wait that is in soap operas. Love you and Love your post!

  4. Nice color matches, I noticed the discrepancy as well. Is there a plain turquoise color? Thank you for sharing!