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Friday, October 28, 2011

Turquoise ( Sheryl )


Here in Istanbul the color turquoise is not hard to find.  It is a favored color in ancient times as well as now.  A couple of weeks ago, I was on a photo trek with the IWI Photo club to the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.  I had been there before but never to take pictures.  

One thing I would have remembered, had it been there perviously, was a mummified body in a glass case.  It no longer wore the rags it would have been wrapped in -- all I can say is "It was very appropriate for this time of year."  There was no turquoise on it but I did try to take a picture.

Anyway, one of the buildings that is included in the museum is actually an old building. Cinili Kosk, built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror  in 1472 and was used to display his arms, costumes, edicts, paintings, books etc.  It is touted for the outstanding Seljukian, Anatolian and Ottoman style tile work.  "The harmony of the Turquoise, white, purple and dark blue tiles in mosaic technique were considered highly prized decoration."

 This is a large Niche that was in the room that would be called a "salon" here.  I am sure it was used to showcase a something very important.  I do believe that this was the only Niche of this type in the building.
 This is a close-up of the tile work on the above Niche.
This is some of the tile work around the windows in the outer rooms.  I thought it was very pretty.  The tiles that look black are actually dark blue.  
This piece of framed tile work was the only example of it's type in the building.  I couldn't read what it said about it but I did think it was very interesting.  It truly is beyond me how anyone can read that writing.  
I wish I could have shown you the mummy but such is life!  Have a great week and I hope you will stop by again -- Love, Love Sheryl


  1. gorgeous! I just love how colorful the tiles and pottery are in Turkey! too bad the mummy didn't photograph well, I would like to have seen it! Keep sharing Turkey with us, I love seeing every picture!

  2. what stunning examples of that gorgeous color! Turkey's art is so wonderful to behold.

  3. Beautiful! The designs are lovely. Very nice color find! Thank you for sharing.