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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pacific Blue Link up and Wk 17 Color Reveal

Hey all you color hunters! Sorry for not posting the link up yesterday, I thought Project 64 needed a day off in honor of the Easter Holiday. Just a little side note, I try to let everyone know if a post will be delayed or late on our Facebook page, so make sure you like our page!

So that means today we will have a day full of color...Our favorite from the magenta link up, the new link up for pacific blue and the reveal of our new color!

Are you all ready to get started! Magenta was kind of fun, it was  nice to see such a bright cheery color, especially since it's been raining for about a week in my nic of the woods, although very grateful for the rain, it was much needed, just a little dreary and makes me very sleepy! Our favorite out of your magenta submissions come from Scott over at My Photo Adventures, we thought it was a unique interpretation of magenta and a nice find as well! Make sure you visit and give some love! Congrats Scott and thanks for playing along here at Project 64!

We really do enjoy seeing everyone's take on the week's color! Keep spreading the word and keep linking up! The more the merrier on this colorful journey! Today also means we are taking another color out of our box and can you believe we are now a quarter of the way though our box of 64 crayons! This week we are officially pulling crayons out of the second sleeve of colors! This week my wonderful hubby selected the beautiful color of RED VIOLET, not to be confused with violet red! As we journey through the box it is crazy how many different shades there are and at times seems a little tedious when matching the colors, but remember to just have fun and get as close as you can!

Since we've been rained in I found my red violet in my boys' toy box. One of them received it as a birthday gift, its a simple toy, no bells or whistles, but they both like it. A little reminder that kids today still like the simple also reminds me of being a kid and the long waits at the doctors office, funny how different objects hold different memories!

I went with how the color looks on paper verses the color of the crayon, when I held them next to each other they were pretty close! As you know, each week I try to add a little extra challenge...well this week I thought I'd something a little different! I thought it might be fun to have a little Q&A! Give you guys a chance to get to know me, as well as the other project 64 contributors, a little better! After my post today feel free to leave a question for me, it can be about the blog or blogging, photography, motherhood, being a woman, my favorite color, anything you might want to week I'll try to answer most or all of them in my blog post! Make sure you come back every day this week and leave some questions for the other project 64 ladies at the end of their post! We love you guys and love interacting with you all so please ask away! Also I know we have lots of followers who just follow and do not submit entries, you are more than welcome to join in on the Q&A! I can't wait!

I hope your hunt for red violet goes well, but in the meanwhile, let's see your pacific blue finds!!

As always no fancy camera required and flickr link ups welcome! Please link back to Project 64!


  1. I hope my dwarf lilacs bloom this week. They just might be the color I'm looking for! Your choices this week look like a lot of fun.

  2. haha that reminds me of the doctors office as a kid too!

    Well, I like random questions so here goes: As a busy mother, what is your "go to" dinner when life is hectic? Or what do you always have in the cupboard (fridge) to throw together for a dinner in a pinch?

  3. Did you take training or schooling in the photography classes or fine arts?
    Have you taken any online photography classes that you would recommend?
    I just wanted to say thanks again for all your kind comments and helpful advice when I asked :)!