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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Journey to Olive Green {Guest Becky of My Daily Journey}

What a privilege to be a guest in this wonderful place! Thank you to all the ladies at P64 for inviting me to share with you today.

Why photography? Well, as probably all of us involved in this project experienced, when I was little my parents would only take pictures of “special events”, like birthdays, holidays, and some vacations and nothing else. Thanks to the digital cameras, we can now shoot hundreds of pictures and not worry about how much it will cost to “develop” them. Photography, then, has become in the past few years my major hobby. I shoot not only “special events”, but also all those little moments that make each of our days a special event.

Project 64 Colors has been a fun challenge that has helped me expand my photography abilities. As a watercolor painter myself, the challenge to look for a particular color each week to shoot has helped me to find different subjects, different angles, and different shapes that otherwise I would have not think to capture.

Olive green was not an easy color for me to hunt, so after trying with many different objects, including a pair of shoes, I decided I would use the perfect match: Olives.

I took the shots around 5:00 PM, when the light was perfect outside, and I shot around 30 pictures and played with many different compositions, moving my settings as well.

I really liked the result: clean, vibrant, and creative. For me, capturing food is a big challenge, so this was a fun and challenging session.

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  1. This is so wonderful! The drip almost leaving the olive is my favorite! Thank you for sharing -- great job!

  2. Great shot Becky, the bokeh is just delicious! I just come for visiting your very inspiring blog! I wanted to follow it, but I can find the "follow me" widget! :( Bendiciones! Veo que tambien hablas Espanol? Eres latina? Mil gracias por tus comentarios y visita tambien. Cuidate!

  3. Becky, what a great capture. I agree with Maryvel your boken is yummy. I actually like the color very much but don't care to much for olives :) On your photo they look delicious maybe I should keep trying and the flavor will grow on me.

  4. Maryvel, thanks for your kind words! Yes, I am a Latin woman! :)
    If you are trying to follow my main blog (Daily on my Way to Heaven) the "follow me" widget is at the left button corner. If you are trying to find the "follow me" widget on my photography journal (My Daily Journey -through my lens-), I am afraid you won't find it, because I don't know how to install it on a Wordpress blog. You'll have to subscribe via email or RSS (on the sidebar)

    ¡Gracias y bendiciones también!

  5. Carmen, these are not "ordinary" olives :) These are filled with blue cheese, and are dipped in lots of extra virgin olive oil. They are fantastic!

    I am glad you all like the capture. Thanks.

  6. Stunning capture! I LOVE blue cheese filled olives--actually almost any kind of olive, but never once thought of them for this color.

  7. I can't say I have ever had olives stuffed with blue cheese, not really a fan of blue cheese but feta sounds yummy, might have to make my own version! Thank you so much for being a guest this week, we are so happy to have you here, your photos are amazing!