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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lavender Linkup {week 8}

I hope you all are enjoying our project! For me it has been a very  nice break from the 365 project I attempted last year. Only having one photo a week has given me more time to think about my shot I want for the week and take the time to set it up and above all has been less stressful! Adding a color twist to my weekly photos has been very fun, I love searching for the color and finding ways to creatively photograph it gives an added challenge.

We are two months in, can you believe it? Your photos each week truly do get better, I know each week I tell you it is hard to pick a favorite, but it truly is! Indigo was a tricky color with purple tones hiding in its strong blue color, but it was a fun color, a bold color and you all captured it beautifully. We all had at least four favorites in our list when we ladies voted this week, but there was one entry that was common in most of our list....

We loved Karen's bowl of blueberries! There is indigo all over this picture, dark shades in the blueberries, rich tones on the bowl and all nicely contrasted against the white. Congrats Karen! Don't forget to grab a weekly winner button! Everyone, head on over to Karen's blog and give her some love!

A few notes before we move onto the Lavender link up...Did you know I set up a Facebook page for Project64? I did! Feel free to use the Project 64 Facebook page to share your photos, ask questions, have discussions or just use it as a way of keeping tabs on the latest blog post. Whatever way you choose to use it is up to you, it is there for you and to aid in making Project 64 a creative community.

Also, don't forget we are having a catch up day tomorrow! You will be able to link up a flickr set, a separate blog page or single blog post that contains all your photos from week 1 up to week 8.  Be sure to link up the url that will take us DIRECTLY to your review of colors. Catch up day is not just for those who joined Project 64 late, but for everyone to share a review of their past colors and maybe talk about their journey through the box so far. This linkup is different from the one's link up is for Lavender ONLY. Tomorrow's link up is for sharing you colorful finds starting at the beginning. I hope you all link up your review of colors past, it will be fun so see  them all together in on place! I am equally excited to see all the colorful entries from the newbies and to have them join our journey!

So did you have fun with Lavender? The lavender in our box of crayons is not the lavender many of us think about when the color is mentioned. It has more of a pink tone with purple hints, instead of the pale purple color that comes to mind. Did you try the added challenge and fill the frame with color? I can't wait to see what you came up with!

As always no fancy camera required and Flickr link-ups welcome!When you link up please use the DIRECT LINK/POST containing your photo, if posting multiple pictures designate the one you are submitting and be sure to link back to us!


  1. I just have to say I live how eager everyone is to linkup. It is so fun to see.

  2. @Kendall, I stalk the P64 page all day on Sunday :) I love seeing everyone's take on the color!

  3. I'm looking forward to sharing my P64 catch up tomorrow. And yes. I filled the frame with lavender :)

  4. Thanks so much! I love this challenge and was thrilled to see my bowl of blueberries featured here.

  5. Congratulations Karen!
    I am so excited the we had 47 link ups --
    I too am a stalker -- and I tell everyone I see with a camera!

  6. I struggled with lavender, I've had to use one from my archive. Sorry! I won't make a habit of it!

  7. Sorry so late on my link up I too struggled until I saw what was right under my nose.. my yarn!!