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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 5, Gray {Vote and Link up}

So we are four weeks down and we can't wait to see what you guys came up with for week five! Can you believe we are starting our second month of this project? That means its time for a monthly winner!
But first, our favorite for week four, the week of robin's egg blue...even though some of you expressed having a hard time finding our color of the week, you guys came up with some great pictures! You sure do not make it easy to pick a favorite!

This week's favorite can be found in a photostream full of beautiful pictures...

Needles and Skein

The beautifully captured needles and skein from Marvett Smith, a great use of texture and light with a soft cozy feel! Great work!

Now that we officially  have four favorites of the week we can pick a monthly winner! Yay! Well, you all get to pick a monthly winner! All the ladies of project64 thought all our fans should get a chance to shout out their favorites! Just in case you need a refresher of the past weekly winners here they are:

Week1, Yellow Green: William

Week2, Carnation Pink: Cat

Week3, Chestnut: Artsybelle

Week4, Robin's Egg Blue: Marvett

Needles and Skein

Do you have a favorite? Great, go ahead and vote for it! We will keep the polls open until Midnight on Wednesday and announce the winner Thursday! After you vote keep on scrolling down and link up your week five gray inspired photos! Oh, I almost forgot this month's giveaway is sponsored by me! We have some great sponsors lined up for you so make sure you submit a photo each week! Every four weeks the weekly winners will be entered in the monthly giveaway to be picked by go ahead and vote!

Now for the link up! How did gray treat you? Did you go gloomy or did you show the pretty side of gray? Go ahead and show us!

As always no fancy camera required and Flickr link-ups welcome!When you link up please use the DIRECT LINK/POST containing your photo, if posting multiple pictures designate the one you are submitting and be sure to link back to us!


  1. My first P64! I'm late to join but have enjoyed shooting to catch up. Looking forward to week 6.

  2. Thanks for choosing my image! I'm loving this journey and especially seeing all of the talent involved!

  3. This is my first Project 64! I'm excited to get caught up with the rest of you. This has been a fun project to work on. Love the inspiration the others bring!

  4. My first entry as well. I wish I'd be in at the beginning. It's fun nevertheless!

  5. Gray is quite challenging, but I'm encouraged that the other ladies find gray colored objects. I really opened by eyes to find that elusive color hehehehe.

  6. Just heard about Project 64, so this is my first go at it as well. Great idea!

  7. This is my first time entering! I'm so excited. :)
    Also- I just noticed how similar my grey picture is to the one before me. Haha! Sorry about that, I didn't see it. ;)