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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 15, Color reveal

Ok so this weeks color reveal is a little different...I have had crazy problems with my computer! First a nasty virus and now hardware issues. So this entire post has been created on my iPhone, right down to my picture at the end! Thank goodness I decided to give in and buy one!

So, this week's color is magenta, and I don't know if I am the only one, but my crayon only has the name magenta with no other language translations. I guess its a universal name or color???

Well, my magenta pics stem from what is currently going on in my life today. I've been doing a little crafting and found this tiny spool hiding in my box of supplies. Then we have the packaging of my "its time for a change" diet food program. Oh boy is it time for a change! I really need to get serious and once and for all shed this baby weight from four years ago (can you even call it baby weight after four years...?).
I tried to take my somewhat boring objects, well at least boring for a fun color like magenta, and get creative. Well, as creative as I could with my phone! So I have a good added challenge for you this week if you dare to take it!

Use your phone's camera to capture this week's color! Or if you don't have a great camera phone try using your point and shoot! Just try to be creative relying on your own creative skills and imagination no matter the equipment you are using! Think outside of your box and focus on those creative skills! Get low or get high, try different extreme angles! Explore negative space or the rule of thirds, don't just take a photo. If you happen to
have an iPhone or android, use it's camera to it's max creative power, through creative apps! Some of my faves are: Instagram, hipstamatic, PS express, camera+, Lo-mob, diptic and one I found today that helped me add text to my collage, photo note-free.

I used a combination of most of the above apps to create the image below.


  1. I think it is totally acceptable to call it baby weight after four years! Love the challenge.

  2. I wondered to myself if depression could still be considered "postpardum" if your baby was 4 years old...thank the Lord I'm through that nasty spell of my life...I say, blame the kids!

    I may just crack out the point and shoot for this week!

  3. I think even 15 years later I'll be calling it baby weight. I dont' think I'll ever be the size I was before her lol! Pretty color this week!

  4. Loving these challenges every week. Thanks so much for the iPhone apps. I'm going to go check them out now.