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Friday, June 10, 2011

Timberwolf in the Tiles { Sheryl }

A few weeks ago, Brooke posted the link for the color codes of the Crayola Crayons for Photoshop.
I did an experiment.  I created a new document and filled it with the code color.  The above 
color is Timberwolf.  I really didn't know that was the name of a color!
The above ruin is of the synagogue at Sardis.  One of the Seven Churches of Revelation.  This
is actually my favorite stop on our quest time find the Christians history that is so rich 
here in Turkey.  This view is from the front entrance looking in to the alter.  (my family is 
standing near the alter.)  Paul would have entered here when he taught in this 
synagogue.  I was so amazed at how well preserved some of the tile work was I took 
a lot of photos of them!  
I can assure you that these tiles were not on a mesh backing!  
Next week will be "guest" week -- I will miss you so I am going to post my entry on 
my personal blog -- I hope to see you there!

Thanks for stopping by -- 


  1. oh, to walk the way of Paul, how exciting!

  2. This trip was so fantastic! This was my most favorite place -- the ruins in Turkey are so interesting, even the things that don't pertain to Scripture. That is just where my fascination is

  3. Nice photos. Yesterday I found some photos - perfect for timberwolf. You will see on Sunday :) LG Tina

  4. I will be looking for them Tina --