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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mac & Cheese { Sheryl }

This week has been exciting!  One of my very good friends is here visiting from America!  When she got here I still had no picture -- (I think this was harder than Sea Green) -- so while out to eat that evening, I noticed the pepper flakes -- Surely there is some of our color in there!

Then the next night we ate a restaurant that had these great lights -- this one really didn't warm-up very fast so it had the look of our color.  I did get some strange looks while taking ten or so pictures of this lamp!
So, there ya go!  We are now in Bodrum, a sea side city in the lower Southwest of Turkey.  Spending the day on a boat exploring the Turkish Islands around this area.  I hope to find some pics for our next color!  

Happy Hunting!  Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. I am getting more adventurous in my photography thanks to people like you! the lamp looks like a match to me. have a good time with your friend!

  2. Thank you -- we are wind blown and a little red -- Adventure is the spice of life! Have a great day!

  3. Hey, the moon coming up tonight looks like "Mac & Cheese"!

  4. These are great. It's ok I get strange looks from my husband on somethings I want to take pictures of!