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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sepia ( Sheryl )


I will never forget the first time I saw a sepia toned photograph.  I couldn't believe that you could do something that cool to a photograph, on purpose!  So, my idea was to do a photograph of the ladies that are in my area.  We had lunch this past Monday and a waiter was happy to help me by pushing the trigger.  
Somehow the digital equivalent for this effect of Sepia toning just isn't the same.  I had a vision of the photo looking somewhat cooler!  
On Tuesday I went on a photo walk with the photography group associated with the International Women of Istanbul.  It was such a nice day being with other women who love to take photographs.  The above picture was actually spotted by my friend Joy.  A "Turtle Dove" watching us from the window sill.
I really do have a strange attraction for old doors.  This one is actually below street level and attached to abandoned house that seemed to large single dwelling house.  The area we were in is call Arnavutkoy where the population was largely Greek, until the 1950's when there was a cultural dispute and many left Istanbul.  This left many properties unkept and as a result dilapidated.  This was one of those circumstances, maybe.
This is one of the few totally wooden structures that survived a devastating fire in the village. Wooden buildings are protected by an ordinance that prohibits the changing of the exterior in anyway.  Replacement has to match exactly in size from the width of the plank to the size of the windows.  I thought the shutters on this building were a perfect match for our color this week.  
I hope you have a great time on your search for Sepia -- I did!

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. Such a clever idea to try a sepia photo, even if it didn't turn out exactly as you expected. As always, I so enjoy "touring" Istanbul through your eyes...and old doors draw me in too!

  2. What a wonderful thing, women going on a photo walk! I too am drawn to old doors, and I love the idea of keeping the vintage look of a building when rehabbing. I haven't seen our old Federal home (built in the 1830s) since the new owners put vinyl siding on it. Can you imagine?
    Even though you're disappointed in your sepia photo, I like the detail that shows up in either sepia or b/w.

  3. I love your photo walk. I am sad that I have been away from Istanbul long enough, that I don't recognize most of the ladies in your photo :(
    I remember that building with the shutters and was always drawn to it!