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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mahogany. ( Sheryl )

Really, so far this has been the hardest color for me! It just isn't in my life! When I created the color chip (as I always do), I didn't expect the color that came up. This isn't what I thought of as mahogany. So, I shot the closest thing that I could find.

This is a carpet that I bought last year. It is one of two that are complete opposites. Here in Turkey, rug making is a family business. I was told that these rugs were made by a 12-15 year old child. I was shocked and really put off by the idea, until my friend told me about the family mentoring their children. It's more like an "apprenticeship". Knowing that these rugs where part of a young persons education in learning a trade, made me want one.

The style is called Kilim and I actually really like them the best. So far I have bought four of varying quality and will treasure them as remembrances from our time in Turkey.

Thanks for stopping by . . . Sheryl

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Location:Istanbul, Turkiye


  1. what a lovely memory to take with you...

  2. Could be a great Christmas gift. ;)