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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Color Reveal Week 54

Well I let me tell you I am so tired! This little one growing inside me sure has made me so tired, so naturally I waited until last minute to capture my color this week, lucky for me the idea that popped into my head when I drew this color out of the box ended up going according to plan! The color this week was yellow and I instantly thought of the rubber ducky that I knew was hiding in the bucket of bath toys.


  1. The song "Rubber ducky" popped into my head! cute toy
    Even though it's been decades since I carried a babe, I remember my sweet husband letting me sleep in. If it's the first one, that works, but after that...
    blessings to you!

    1. My hubby is always great to help out and let me rest, even when I'm not pregant. Luckily my two boys are old enough to let daddy get them breakfast before he leaves and watch cartoons so I can sleep an extra 45min! Thanks for the blessings!

  2. cute rubber ducky hehehe, love the second photo.

  3. Perfect! I love "Rubber Ducky" and I'm glad to know he's still a popular bath toy after all these years. Wonder what happened to ours?

  4. What a great Yellow idea! I love yellow rubber duckies. :-)