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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2, Carnation Pink

First, I just wanted to say, WOW! We are in awe of the response to our little project! When we first started the blog we didn't expect many to be interested, we just figured we would be sharing our color finds with each other and staying in touch. However, you all have been amazing! Spreading the word, linking up your photos and leaving such wonderful comments! So thank you! Thank you for participating in our journey and for making this project of ours even better! Is is now not only our project but yours too, so keep on coming back we truly enjoy seeing your work.

Speaking of your work, we LOVED the photos your submitted for yellow green! We loved them so much and decided that as a little thank you for supporting our blog and project to have a little contest/giveaway every four weeks. Each week we are going to pick our favorite color inspired photo out of your submissions, then after four weeks pick a winner!

You made it really hard to pick a favorite, but after discussing it among the six of us, we all came to an agreement on a favorite. Here it its..

We loved William's picture, the subject was unique, the lighting cool and yellow green was portrayed nicely! Plus, it was interesting to see a guy's take on the color prompt amongst all these women! Go over and give some love to William! Since we decided to feature one of YOUR photos each week, I'll work on a button you can but on your blog if we choose yours.

Alright, we had a new color to search for this week didn't we? Week two's color was Carnation pink:

Here is where we found carnation pink hiding in the world around us...






Well there you are, carnation pink found just about everywhere, from Turkey to the toy box! Before you share your carnation pink finds, let us tell you the color you need to be on the look out for this week!

Drum roll please....
Don't forget, starting tomorrow we are changing things up a little bit. I, Brooke, will kick off week 3 by sharing my chestnut inspired photo on Monday. Make sure to come back each day as one of the 5 remaining ladies will share her chestnut inspired photo Tuesday through Saturday. Then on Sunday we will reveal our favorite carnation pink inspired photo from the photos YOU submitted,  open up a linky for you to share your chestnut inspired photos and inspire you with a new color for week four! I hope it's not too confusing...

Just in case you are new here and want to know what the project is all about visit here. If you want to see all the past colors including our current color go here.

Now give us your best carnation pink! Link up below...

Happy color hunting,


  1. I love these pink photos! They are all so different. It's amazing what you can find when you just go looking for it.

  2. Love the pink - Especially the bokeh lights!

  3. Great pink photos, I love them all.

  4. newest follower-this blog is very refreshing!!

  5. I love this project already! I love the idea of a giveaway/contest! Fun! :)

  6. Love this project...I haven't blogged since July 4Th and have been looking for some inspiration to get back into it....This was it!!!! I think I have even managed to talk a friend into joining in.
    Thanks so much,
    Gotta go take some pictures... ;)

  7. Great! I look forward to next weeks. Scouting around for a great pic I am now :o)

  8. We are so excited to see so many new followers! We are very honored that you all want to take this photographic journey with us!

  9. Thanks for hosting - great concept and I'm already loving the inspiration!

  10. Hello- I misunderstood and linked up for next weeks colors but now I can't take my link down. If you could, could you remove "Snapshots of Time"? Thanks!

  11. Traci, thank! Glad you are playing along!

    Snapshots-Sent you and email and I took down the link, feel free to link up a carnation pink photo and come back Sunday to link up your chestnut pic! Glad to have you playing along

  12. Hi Brook, Thanks for getting me going!!!...I haven't blogged in so long. Here's my problem I can't seem to copy your button. Could walk me threw it? I thought I could just copy and paste. :(

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  15. My apologies for the deleted comments. I decided to email my questions and so have taken them out of the comment section. I have come to play a tad bit late to use linky for Carnation Pink. Here is the link to my Carnation Pink Photo:

    I am working on a photography blog for my sister (Angela) and I. It is in it's newborn state at the moment, but I will be tweaking on it as time goes by.

    I look forward to seeing what everyone is finding in our colorful world outside the box!!