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Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty Chestnut {week3 by Brooke}

This week we are hunting chestnut, thoughout the week we hope to inspire you on your hunt with our chestnut inspired photos. The link up for chestnut will open on Sunday!

Ok, so lets talk chestnut, this color was kind of tricky for me. Last week when I was hunting carnation pink I thought I had already found my chestnut color, but after getting the crayon out the box and coloring with it a little I felt it didn't quite match. So I went on the hunt again...I just couldn't seem to find it.

Finally I came across these...

I thought the little pieces of outer shell were a pretty close match to the reddish brown color the chestnut crayon left on the paper. This photo worked and I had all intentions of ending my search and just going with this photo. However, when I was making some thank you notes to send to the guest of my son's birthday party, I noticed that some of the paper I was using was a close match too!

So, today you get a variety of chestnut. I went from hunting it to seeing it everywhere!

Come back tomorrow to see Kendall's take on chestnut! We will open up a linky for you to share your chestnut inspired pictures on Sunday, meanwhile you can see where carnation pink took us for week 2 and link up your carnation pink inspired photos here until Saturday. Curious on your thoughts, it this format working for you? We share then you share?

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Happy color hunting,


  1. I like them all but I REALLY like the first one with the nuts! Great color and it

  2. Great photos Brooke but I like the Chestnuts the best!

  3. The first shot is perfect for the color! I'm still working on finding just the right shade of brown. You wouldn't think this would be difficult as we're practically surrounded by brown at this time of year!

    I do like the format. I think I'll enjoy seeing your picks for chestnut to inspire and remind me throughout the week.

  4. Chestnut has been the most challenging so far! I do love the picture of the chestnuts.

  5. Okay, chestnuts are everywhere here! I bought some raw and roasted ones for my shoot on Sunday -- and you posted them on Monday -- this just proves that it could get very interesting! I love your pics!

  6. I colored with the chestnut crayon, and I think my Toronto Blue Jays bear is a good match. So...I'm sending it.

  7. Where is the linky for chestnut? Thnks.

  8. I just adore your chestnuts, simple and stunning!