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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chestnut by the Sea

"Chestnut" -- actually, I didn't know this was a "Crayola Color" -- until a few days ago. I am currently living in Istanbul and had not seen a chestnut until we moved here. They roast them on the street in little carts much like hot dogs in NYC. I tried one, and to me it tasted kinda like cauliflower. Oh well . . . that's me!

I am really enjoying my time here; however, I did come here reluctantly. The day I joined American Women of Istanbul ( my experience here changed completely. Many of these ladies have been here for many years (Up to 50), being married to Turkish men, they have made Istanbul their home. We meet every Wednesday for "Game Day" at the Yenikoy Spor Klub, where we play games and laugh a lot. These women are here for us -- the newbie's that is and I am so gratful!

So many of my photos come from this amazing location. Stepping right up to the edge of the Bosperous, the view is incredible; everything from the Bridge to the South to jellyfish swimming under our feet. The birds fly in rythm, like they are dancing, and the sound of the waves lapping against the concrete edge is somehow comforting.

My photo is of a Turkish staple called "Chi" (not spelled that way in Turkish, I have to learn how to use Turkish characters.) It is tea, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. I love the shape of the chi glass; it's just not the same when they serve it in a regular cup. Wednesday, I had four of these before lunch -- the strong kind and I was a little hyped up! I don't have a Crayola chestnut, so I hope my entry is close.

There is still time to link your "Carnation Pink" -- Don't forget to check in tomorrow for another great Chestnut photograph.

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  1. Love this photo! I tried roasted chestnuts back in December and I agree, they taste like cauliflower, blek!

  2. This is fantastic!

  3. Great shot and great color! I also love that you are able to share your Turkish journey with new people!

  4. This is perfect Sheryl! I love hearing, well reading your stories of Turkey!

  5. Thanks guys! I am having a great time!