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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lavender {Kendall}

You are very sleepy.  Very, very sleepy.  So sleepy that you think today is still Tuesday and I posted on the correct day!  I guess I was very, very sleep yesterday because I thought it was Monday all day.  So I woke up startled when I realized today was Wednesday and I hadn't posted yet!  Ahhhhh!

Here is my lavender.  It used to be my FAVORITE color when I was a little girl so you can imagine the horror when I came home from church camp one year and my room was painted pepto bismol pink!  Ok, that's a story for another time...

Those of you who know me, are not surprised that I would have something like this, that says Queen!  I am the queen.  I was the queen long before I was the queen of my house!  Ask my parents.  Now I am the queen by default because there is no one at home to take my title.  If that were to happen, I am not sure how I would handle being de-throned!

I am L-O-V-I-N-G all of you totally fabulous submissions.  Keep them coming!

Have a great Tuesday Wednesday.


  1. Just perfect! You are definitely the QUEEN!

  2. Whether it's Queen or Empress of the Universe, this is a fun shot. Very cute.

  3. The outline is almost a perfect match to the lavender crayon! Don't worry, I forgot it was tuesday too or I would of sent you a reminder, lol, my apologies your majesty!

  4. Lisa, I love that...Empress of the Universe! Sounds much more official.