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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lavender (Jeana)

Last Saturday, my daughter Jamie was the local coordinator at Winter Jam 2011 in Tulsa. For those of you that may not be familiar with Winter Jam it is a yearly Christian concert at the BOK center. It is huge because it is $10 General Admission and there are like 10 bands that perform. So anyway, she got me a press pass and I got to stand right at the stage all night taking was LOUD but amazingly fun and I so enjoyed getting to watch Jamie do what she believes she has been called to do!
I got home and was going through my pictures and this one jumped right out at me screaming Lavender! It is slightly darker than it should be but I think there are still glimpses of lavender!

Keep adding your pics and linking up with us....We are so enjoying looking at your pics and hope you enjoy ours as well!


  1. I love taking shots of musicians. This one is fabulous! And a lovely shade of lavender too!

  2. This is cool Jeana! I love the glow of lavendar in his hair!

  3. Thanks girls!
    Lisa-I love shots of them too! I really love doing event photography. I did get a bunch of great shots & I am going to try to post them somewhere and I will send you the link.
    I have a question for anyone...What is the best online site to post pics, I have looked at a ton of them, Picasa, etc but don't really know which is best...any input?

  4. Flickr, it's the most common. It is esay to use and alot of photogs are already on there.

  5. Oh this is a really great shot! Very creative for lavender!!