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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 10, Color Reveal {Brooke}

Sorry to make you wait all day for this week’s color reveal! I had a photo shoot this morning and lots of errands this morning and my boys were a handful during our public outings...they weren't bad, but man they wore me out! Not to mention I couldn't find this week's color ANYWHERE, until I opened my curtains to water my often neglected house plant. I forgot the bottom of his leaves sported this week’s color!


This is another one of those colors you are going to have to get out and color with to get the feel for its actual color, the paper is deceiving and the actual crayon is a little darker than the shade it colors on paper.

Not my best work a little rushed, but there you go, my plum find for this week! Oh and here is a little sneak of my shoot this morning, there are a few more on my FB page if you want to take a look!

Happy color hunting,


  1. Love the first shot!
    That little girl is adorable!

  2. hmmm plum, time to break out the crayons. I love the cute pic of the girl from your photoshoot!

  3. Beautiful photos. I like the DOF...awesome!

  4. All wondeful... but the last one is just PERFECT!

    @My Daily Journey

  5. The coleus are quite striking, but the adorable cherub in the lavender field is priceless!

  6. It's time to pull out the crayons and color. I'm having so much fun and definitely paying more attention to colors and shades. I wish I could find fields like this here in AZ.

    Carmen @