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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yellow Orange { Sheryl }

I have a friend here visiting from the United States and we went on  Bosporus Cruise on Tuesday.  
The port area where these boats launch from are near the Spice Bazaar.  (or Egyptian Bazaar)   
In the area of the city you really can find just about anything.  The train stop is called Eminunu 
and once you go under the street -- you are being asked to spend your money!  

 The above is one of many booths that have spices out that can purchased by the scoop or kilo.  
Some of the vendors have these spices in big sacks that are just rolled down from the top.  You can 
imagine the aroma that is present here.  

 These are hand made soaps.  I have to assume they are made here but I can't be sure.  My 
favorite soap that I can get here is made from Olive Oil.  Yes it is green and I can actually buy 
it in a pump.  The bar soaps are wonderful because they really do keep the aroma in the room.

 As I am writing this, I am munching on some dried apricots that Joan bought at the Ulus Bazaar
 today.  I laughed at her when she was holding a kilo (2 lbs) and asking if she should buy more.  
This is a photo of candies made from dried apricots, dried figs and walnuts.  I am sure you could 
find pistachio nuts in there too!  As you can see it seems a little pricey.  The conversion is 
$16.00 a pound.  We are in a major tourist area and things do get out of hand! 

Now this guys was spotted on our way to cooking class -- no he was not on the menu!  I couldn't resist because as you can see -- He has it all!  

That adventures continue -- don't forget to link up your Asparagus!

Thanks for stopping by -- Love, Love!


  1. I didn't know that spices and dried fruits could look so beautiful! What eye candy this place is! Thanks for sharing because that's the only way I'll ever get to see exotic scenes such as this. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful stop!! Great pictures from the marketplace. that olive oil soap sounds great!