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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Linkup and Color Reveal Rolled up in One {i.e. I'm still on vacation}

Hey P64ers! Just a quick post from steamy San Antonio! I have been down here doing some family vacation time and getting a wonderful opportunity to meet with a talented bunch of ladies through the I Heart Faces Dream Big San Antonio Workshop! It has been so much fun and the best experience! Even if I have sweat through all of close I packed, yay for free washing machines at the resort we are staying at! So, with that said I better get on with the post as I need to get some things together and packed as we hit the road to home bright and early in the morning!

Ok, since I will be traveling tomorrow I thought I'd go ahead and share the new color now before I move on to the link up for asparagus. The color, yellow orange. My pic, one of the many directional signs found down by the Riverwalk. I thought the middle bunch were there perfect match! Though I'd pair them with a pic of the actual river too!

Guess you can see I didn't have time to capture the crayon itself, to be honest, I almost forgot to have my husband select the next weeks color until we were on our way out the door to start our road trip, so I got an approximate color from wikipedia, you should check it out (here)! It gives a history and a list of hex and RGB codes so you can find a pretty darn close match in a photoshop or paint program. It always gives the dates each color was introduced or discontinued. Pretty interesting!

Oh, one more thing before we move on to see your asparagus finds, our weekly favorite from the cerulean linkup! This week's favorite belongs to Carrie!

Congrats to Carrie! Make sure you all head on over and give some love! Oh and I'll be doing a post sometime this week to share a little about my trip and photography workshop experience, so make sure you check out my personal blog for the details and pictures!

Alright it's time for a link up! You've seen our asparagus now let's see yours! As always no fancy camera required and flickr linkups are welcome. Please link back to Project 64!


  1. Congrats to Carrie! Wonderful shot!

  2. Oh how fun, have fun in San Antonio! Love the weekly winner!

  3. I just found this blog through a new reader of mine. How fun. I think I would like to join this project. It will force me to think outside the box and that's just what I need to do!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you soooo much! I am so excited right now! :0)

  5. First time to enter. #28 did not have correct link to my website. #29 does and is correct. Please delete #28. sorry - did not realize after i uploaded photo could not go back and review or edit.

  6. Sorry, I think, I did it wrong. I was wondering why asparagus is same like yellow orange :(
    My english is n´t that good. But if I am right now, this yellow orange will start today, isn´t it like this????? Hope, you forgive me! I will sure find one more yellow orange :) xx Tina