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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color Reveal Week 35

Sorry for getting this up a late! My hubby's new schedule keeps throwing me off and Tuesday's seem like Monday's to me. Well when my hubby took this color out of the box I knew exactly what I wanted to capture for it's match! I inherited a several pieces of jewelry from my great grandma when she passed, nothing fancy, most of it is costume jewelry, but it was hers and it was special to her. You can tell by the little notes placed in the original boxes with each piece of jewelry. The piece I chose is a brooch and earring set that was a Mother's Day gift from her son, my papa, given to her the year of 1955, I thought it was a great match to this week's color! I like how the brooch is a pretty close match to the actual wax crayon and the earrings match the color on the paper. It's nice to be able to get her jewelry out of it's box and share them with you all as they most likely will keep their  place in the back of my dresser drawer inside their original box with that little note.


  1. lovely jewelry and lovely memories you have!

  2. I love nostalgic pieces of jewelry. They hold such great stories. These are lovely.

  3. I am pretty certain I have a TON o pics that can give this melon color a good run!!!! See my daughters hair and you will know what I am talkin bout!!!! ha. Your jewelry is so so lovely.

  4. Oh my, I'm swooning. I love this color and the second picture is gorgeous.

  5. I love the nostalgia and he story behind the pictures!

  6. What a great match to the color! I love the simplicity of your photos and the story behind the pieces. Thank you for sharing!