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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Melon - Jeana

Well, I was getting ready to stamp FAIL on the word melon and post it! I had honestly looked harder for melon than anything I had ever looked for before. I loved what Kendall & Brooke did and I had being a copy cat but decided to go look at my grandmothers and mothers jewelry box I inherited a few years ago and low and behold I found melon. That must have been a popular color for jewelry in the day!
So here is my find and since these were my mothers it is only fitting that I give tribute to her because it was three years ago today that she left this earth to join our Lord in heaven.  I know she is singing with the angels and I know I will join her someday....but until that day I have to say I miss you so much Mom, you taught me things about life that I never thought I would need but have since used alot! To those that knew her, you were blessed. I love you Mom!



  1. love the inherent beauty of inherited jewelry and its own beauty!

  2. I loved your mom, she was so precious! I so enjoy looking at vintage jewelry, great photo!

  3. Beautiful photo and beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing!