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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bittersweet { Natalie }

Earlier this week mom, Ally, and I made a Starbucks run for some caffine therapy. Mom ordered a Venti Black Tea shaken with four Splendas. Yes, she is particular :) When it was delivered, I realized it was Bittersweet! She has an iphone which I was able to borrow in order to capture this picture. Her favorite app is called Instagram which I used to edit this photo.I think it is the perfect Bittersweet! Be sure to link up your pictures! I can't wait to see you finds!!


  1. Your mom particular? No! Good pic.

  2. love it! there's no crime in being particular about one's tea... :)

  3. thanks for treating me that day! and yes, my tea was the PERFECT Bittersweet, both in color and in taste!