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Friday, September 9, 2011

Blue-Violet II ( Sheryl )

Blue- Violet

Well, I hate it when I wait until the day my post is due.  I have had a super hard time with this color (since I used my new camera bag out of order, sorry!)  So, when I got dressed this morning I saw this dress which definitely has this color in it . . .
Since I didn't want to take a picture of the dress or of just the fabric, I decided to do my first self-portrait EVER!   I wanted it to look like a snapshot taken spontaneously by someone else.  
I had forgotten about this technique for making color splashes in a black and white photo -- Actually, it was the first thing I just sat down and learned.  (I have posted how to do this at my blog  I also had to use a few tricks to get these shots --

 This is a nifty little tool I ordered from -- I had waited until later in the day to take my pictures and the clouds had come it.  So, I needed extra light.  I slipped this little jewel onto my camera and shot away.
However, I didn't have enough of a reflection because I was shooting in portrait orientation.  My flash was on the side of my camera hitting this gray wall and I wasn't getting the effect I needed.  I proceeded to tape a kitchen towel to the wall and it worked.

So, try taking a self-portrait (not easy) and do some creative editing (easy).

Thanks for stopping by -- Love, Love Sheryl


  1. Yeah Sheryl! You found your color....even if it wasn't in the middle of the Bosphorus! =)

  2. Great idea to do a self portrait!

  3. A wonderful self-portrait! I always hated the self-portrait assignments in school. Love your dress though! Thanks for the PhotoShop tip. Isn't it fun to play with pictures? I could do it all day.