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Saturday, October 15, 2011

BIG Burnt Orange Cat! { Sheryl }

Burnt Orange

Well, I know I had a false start yesterday and really wanted to show a video of my friend feeding the fish at Yenikoy.  I couldn't make it work --

On Thursday the American Women of Istanbul met at the Consult General's home.  It was a beautiful place with one of the most fantastic views of the Bosporus I have ever seen.  It was a lovely morning -- I even won a real pumpkin!  After the meeting some friends and I went to a place to have Eggs Benedict.  The thought of finding real ham was almost too much! I forgot to take a picture of the dish but you might be interested to know that it wasn't real ham!

While we were at the this place -- we saw the biggest cat I have ever seen.  He ended up getting on the sofa with me.  

One thing is for sure -- you never know where or what you will find in Istanbul!  

Thanks for stopping by . . . Sheryl


  1. The kitty is ADORABLE! Love love love.


  2. I used to have an orange kitty. He was smart as a whip! He would come to me when I called his name...Morris. He looked like the famous Morris of TV ads.

  3. How fun to get a real pumpkin! I still have my wicker pumpkin that I won at Bunco one time when you were in charge of the gifts. I use it every year for fall decorating. The kitty is adorable! Perfect color!

  4. I love the kitty's orange color. It's gorgeous.

  5. Thanks everyone! I am still really enjoying this project so much! Your comments really are appreciated! Love Love!

  6. Love the color match! Sounds like a fun day :o). Thank you for sharing!